Embracing New Opportunities: Insights from Game Academy Alumni on Their Journey

Embracing New Opportunities: Insights from Game Academy Alumni on Their Journey

Embark on a journey of artistic growth and opportunity with Game Academy alumni, Arnaud Clovis and Maxime Moerenhout. Learn from their valuable lessons, witness their participation in The Rookie Awards, and discover new opportunities that have unfolded since their graduation.

Unlocking the doors to a successful creative career often requires seizing opportunities that can shape your journey. For Arnaud Clovis and Maxime Moerenhout, talented alumni of Game Academy, their paths have been enriched by valuable lessons, the experience of participating in The Rookie Awards, and the emergence of exciting new opportunities since graduating. These two individuals have walked the path of artistic growth and discovery and we are excited to see how they progress!

Why did you enter The Rookie Awards in 2022 and what were you hoping to achieve?

Arnaud: I entered The Rookie Awards because it was a great opportunity to have feedback on my work, knowing that it will be reviewed by artists and students all around the world was an amazing source of motivation. My goal was to use this feedback to improve my current set of skills and to prepare myself for the professional world.

Work by Arnaud Clovis

Maxime: At the suggestion of my school, I decided to showcase my work there, understanding the significance of receiving validation from industry experts. The badges I earned served as confirmation that my work had been recognised by professionals, amplifying its value. While I didn't have specific expectations, the validation itself was a meaningful accomplishment.

Can you tell us a bit about the project you entered?

Arnaud: I had a great time making these 3D models, mostly with Mazdamundi from Total Warhammer because I had the chance to base my models on the amazing concept art of Rinehart Appiah. Using a professional concept was a great challenge and helped me to be more precise with my modeling.

Maxime: Bloodgate my latest project, was developed within a tight timeframe of just 6 weeks. Drawing inspiration from the incredible work of Shem Dawson, a renowned lead artist at Blizzard, I set out to create a scene with a unique twist. Initially influenced by a dwarven stylised style showcased in Dawson's creation, I decided to infuse it with a dark and intriguing vampire theme reminiscent of the captivating atmosphere found in the game Darkest Dungeon.

I transformed the scene into a haunting world filled with gothic elements and eerie details. The fusion of the original layout and the atmospheric essence of Darkest Dungeon resulted in Bloodgate, a project that I hope shows my versatility and passion for bringing immersive worlds to life.

Work by Maxime Moerenhout

What advice do you have for other students looking to enter this year?

Arnaud: I would tell them to give everything before it ends so they can be proud of their entries!

What would you tell others about pursuing a creative career in games?

Arnaud: Try to find what you like most in all the creative fields of gaming industries and get really good at it.

Maxime: There's no specific advice that applies to everyone; each journey is unique. Wishing you the best of luck and reminding you to stay resilient. Artistic careers can be demanding, as creativity constantly flows through our minds even outside of work. Remember to take genuine breaks to recharge and rejuvenate!

Tell us more about the skills you have developed during your studies at Game Academy and why you think they'll be useful on your journey?

Arnaud: I think the most valuable skill I have developed was communication. Gaming industries is a team based work and when everyone understands each other it's a lot more enjoyable.

Maxime: Before studying, I did not now anything about 3D, nor art in general, merely I was simply playing videogames and this is about it. I went from being a minecraft builder to a 3D environment artist and I'm pretty confident in this domain now!

Work by Maxime Moerenhout

What is the most valuable lesson learned at Game Academy? What would you say to students  looking to start there?

Arnaud: To be efficient and precise in your work. I would advise them to be curious about game industry techniques and to learn and try out new things as much as possible during their studies.

What opportunities have presented themselves to you after entering The Rookie Awards?

Arnaud: I was quickly able to find a position as a 3D artist in a VR company, VirtuelConcept.

The Rookie Awards was a great way to showcase my work to my future employer.

Maxime: To be honest, while I haven't come across significant new opportunities since winning the awards, I firmly believe that the badges I received have played a valuable role in certifying the worth of my work to some extent.

My love and passion for creating environments continue to thrive. The desire to bring immersive worlds to life is as strong as ever, fueling my determination to pursue my goals. I am optimistic and eager to embrace the limitless possibilities that lie ahead!

What are your next steps?

Arnaud: I will continue to develop my skill and to learn new things.

Maxime: I'm excited to transition from working on the largest Minecraft server to joining passionate game companies and collaborating on incredible projects! While I continue honing my skills, I look forward to seizing the perfect opportunity that aligns with my goals. The journey ahead holds immense potential, and I'm eager to contribute and showcase my talent.

Reach out to Arnaud and Maxime if you have any questions about their work and what they are up to next!