3d Modeling Portfolio Inspiration: A Journey Through Latin Culture

3d Modeling Portfolio Inspiration: A Journey Through Latin Culture

Isart Digital graduate Daniela Ortiz, navigating both real and imaginary realms since childhood, embarked on a colourful and fantastical creative adventure, shaping her path to become a 3D Character Modeler.

Since childhood, recent Isart Digital graduate, Daniela Ortiz, has navigated two intertwined worlds—the real and the imaginary. Contemplating a life infused with more colour, fantasy, and surreal shapes, Daniela embarked on a creative adventure, ultimately shaping her journey to become a 3D Character Modeler.

It all starts with an idea...

The portfolio I made on The Rookies is very meaningful to me. I lived in Montreal for many years, and because of Covid, I couldn't visit my homeland, Colombia. I missed my vibrant country full of folklore and colourful life. Later, I had the opportunity to return to Colombia for a month. I wanted to make the most of my short time, so I decided to take a road trip through the villages of Antioquia. The region's magical and unique beauty amazed me. Our culture is a representation of  "Realismo mágico" which is characterised by the inclusion of fantastic elements with the aim of delving into reality through the magic in it. From this trip, an idea was born, and this idea helped me to create my portfolio on The Rookies.

Usually, I select my finest work for my portfolio, but this time it was different. It all started when I realised that many foreigners are not familiar with Latino culture. So, I decided to create a portfolio showcasing the vibrant life, folklore, and popular art of Latin America. This would allow foreigners to experience our culture and learn about the ideas that have shaped our traditions and lives.

My portfolio would appeal to people who love various art forms and could connect with my work. Creating a portfolio for a job is important, especially if you want to specialise in a specific department. In my case, I focus on character modeling. However, what matters most to me is making people happy with my art.

Come with me on a journey through Colombia and Latin America. We'll explore characters and objects that define Latin culture!

La Motochiva Pues

Guatapé is a municipality known for its houses with colourful bas-reliefs and motochivas. Humberto Arcila modified the motocar to create a unique form of transportation, turning it into a traditional work of art. While in Guatape, I had the idea to create it as a realistic 3D model. This would showcase what our culture is capable of.

My intention was to have fun while showing pieces of my culture. Including "versatility" in the portfolio is important to demonstrate our ability to portray diverse characters and styles. It also helps us push our artistic abilities. When I made the Moochiva, I got to use Adobe Illustrator and Substance 3D Painter for texture, which showcased my new found skills in this software.

The Karma Chameleon

As I continued my trip, Rio Claro amazed me with its nature and animals, leaving me speechless. This encounter inspired me to create a chameleon. Chameleons can be very colourful in different environments.

To be included in the portfolio, a piece must meet specific criteria. I need to be completely convinced that it is anatomically correct and offers something unique. The modeling and texturing should show great attention to detail. If the piece will be animated or rigged, the retopology must also be done with care.

I keep creating characters for my evolving portfolio because it's my passion. Each time I look back, I see how practice helps me evolve. When it comes to the characters' anatomy, I'm not embarrassed by my first ones. Instead, I'm amazed at how I've grown and how much more I can learn.

La criolla palenquera

At this moment, I realised that not only my trip could inspire me, but also the entire Latin culture!

I got inspired by the streets of Cartagena de Indias. I wanted to create a Palenquera, which is a part of Afro-Colombian tradition. They always smile and are friendly. They walk through the streets dressed in colourful clothes. They sell exotic fruits and sweets from our land, which delights people passing by.

Viva la Frida

Let's continue our trip to Mexico!

Another country well known for its folklore and colourful artwork is Mexico. I remember when I first traveled to Mexico City I fell in love with Frida Kahlo's house. She suffered a lot but also had many adventures. Her appearance and personality made her unique.

I enjoyed making this piece. Her makeup represents the "Day of the Dead," a Mexican tradition.

I am always open-minded. Diversity is part of my culture and everything I do. I always try to push the limits when it comes to skills and styles. For instance, with the chameleon, I aimed for a more realistic approach. With my next piece the "alebrije," I wanted to experiment with emissive effects and texture. And with Frida Khalo, I wanted to have fun with the kitsch style and exaggerated proportions, like her big head!

In my portfolio, I intentionally include earlier works for example my school project. You can see how it progresses with my other projects made after school. Right now, I can't display the work that I did at Mikros Animation. However, I am using all the experience that I have learned to keep creating.

I would love to end this article with  “the Alebrije” to bring you good luck in your next chapter. This imaginary being is a gift to scare away bad spirits and bring you all the luck that you need.

What’s next on my journey? Well right now I am feeling very nostalgic about my past and what I used to watch on Tv. That's why I want to create characters that were important to me when I was a child, especially Tim Burton's characters.

I want to thank The Rookies team for letting me talk about my portfolio. Each piece is important and special, and I'm excited to share it with you. If you want to see more of my work, please find and follow me via my Rookies profile below!