Partner with The Rookies to Connect with the Next Generation of Young Artists

Partner with The Rookies to Connect with the Next Generation of Young Artists

School Directory: Make Your Institution Visible

Our college and school directory is a comprehensive listing of universities from all around the world. It's fast becoming one of the most reputable places for students to search for schools by location, academic program, and more to find the perfect fit for their needs. By listing your institution with us, you'll make it easy for students to find you and increase your visibility online.

University Global Rankings: Boost Your Visibility

The Rookies has been rankings creative media and entertainment schools since 2009 with a simple goal of helping aspiring artists find trusted schools to help them forge successful careers in games, visual effects, animation, arch viz and other creative fields.

With this simple goal, the Rookies World School Rankings® has become a trusted and industry respected system for showcasing the very best education facilities available to students today.

The Rookies World School Rankings® are the most important student award and ranking globally as it has a credibility that others just don’t have. It uses industry to assess and judge student work and discounts for any school flooding the awards with entries. • DARRYN MELROSE, FORMER CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF MEDIA DESIGN SCHOOL

Community of 60K Active Young Artists: Reach the Next Generation of Creatives

Our community of 60K+ active young artists is a fantastic resource for schools and colleges looking to reach creative and talented students. By partnering with us, you can tap into this vibrant community and showcase your institution to the next generation of artists, musicians, and designers. Attracting this group of passionate and talented students can help elevate your institution and its reputation.

Experts in Marketing and Targeting Young Artists: Craft Messages That Resonate

Our team of experts has years of experience in marketing to young students, and we know exactly how to craft messages that resonate with this audience. We can help you develop a targeted marketing strategy that reaches the right students and showcases your institution's unique offerings. This can help you connect with students who are passionate about your field of study and who are more likely to become successful graduates.

The Rookies ranks #1 for over 50 of the most highly sort after keywords used by young artists looking for a reputable school. Our organic search is second-to-none and the backbone of why are existing school partners love working with us so much.

Helping Your Students Get Jobs: Unlocking Opportunities

Our community is designed to help your graduates find jobs and career opportunities in their field of study. By partnering with us, you can connect your students with some of the biggest and most respected studios in the world, boosting your university's employment rate and enhancing your reputation as a top institution.

Independent Certification for Schools to be Accredited: Meet the Highest Standards

We also offer independent certification for universities to be accredited. This certification ensures that your institution meets the highest standards of quality and academic rigor, which is essential for attracting top talent. With our certification, you can demonstrate to students that your institution is a top choice for their education and career.

Over 60 schools and colleges around the world have been reviewed and certified by our independent panel. These schools receive 4 x leads when compared to standard schools and colleges.

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