The Rookies has a wide range of online applications and live events in its ecosystem. Learn more here and access quick links to help you dig in.

Founded in 2009, The Rookies has become the go-to resource for discovering and connecting with aspiring artists around the globe. Our goal is to connect your companies, schools and professional artists to our community of young artists working hard to establish careers in film, games, immersive media, 3d visualisation and more.

Our ecosystem has a range of areas available to the public, members and partners. Here is a quick overview.

Main Website

This is where the majority of the action takes place. A lot goes on behind the scenes and the technology is pretty slick (if I do say so myself). From the front, we offer standard community tools that allow members to share work and enter contests. Dig a little deeper and we have one of the slickest judging tools that enables us to run any form of contest you can imagine.


This is the main page to our online community portal. This is where all members join in the fun by sharing their latest projects, entering contests and helping each other with their work


Members share all their latest projects right here. At any point you can see trending projects from digital artists around the world and join in the discussions.


Members are encouraged to challenge themselves by entering regular contests. Entrants compete against one another to win prizes, badges and certificates with the sole purpose of improving their skills, building confidence in sharing their work and helping to build their creative portfolio.


This is technically an ecosystem unto itself, but in its most simplest of terms, Discover is our blog. This is where we share news, articles, school rankings, school listings, weekly drills and more.

Digging a little deeper here are some quick links that might interest you:


Hosted by The Rookies, these regular free summits are a great way to get together with other digital artists and learn from experts around the world.


The mission of this email magazine is to provide valuable information about what we are doing, share important education focused news, and connect schools and educators together.


Everyone loves some good merch. We have a thing for it too. This is why we offer a whole range of products that are available to members and the general public.


This area is for our members to talk-shop, or anything for that matter. We keep this focused towards creative industries and offer channels for members to help each other with projects, discuss software, get advice and even look for jobs.

Please contact our team if you'd like to get involved. We have special roles available, outside of the standard ones of offer.


Everyone needs a bit of help from time to time. Not only do we offer live chat support, we also have a comprehensive knowledgebase of information available for everyone to read.