Created by Paul Braddock, we are stoked to be able to share this incredibly famous robot creation. We just love Eddie. He has so much charisma and attitude that he should have his own movie or Netflix Series.

About the Artist

Eddie is the creation of Paul Braddock, a talented artist currently working at Industrial Light & Magic. Paul has been employed as a VFX artist for over 15 years and has worked on his fair share of epic feature films. Eddie also comes as an unpainted Resin Kit with LED lighting which is totally worth checking out.

A special thanks to Christina Ryan for helping with simplifying the model and doing the UV work.

3D Model Overview

Here are some renderings for the original Eddie Robot. As you can see Paul really went to town on the modeling, texturing, shaders and lighting. The details is pretty mind blowing.

Resin Kit

The crazy thing about Eddie, is that Paul actually creates this as a Resin Kit. These images below show the finished product that you could have sitting on your desk.

Yes, those are freaking lights in his head!

3D Model

The 3D model that Paul has created for us is a simplified version. The reason for this is that we wanted a production quality asset that could easily be textured by anyone.

Eddie has been built to be textured. To be taken into a program like Substance Painter, and to let you go crazy using a beautifully constructed and UVd asset.

Simple, but ready for action.

Example Renders

Check out these amazing renders that have been created by members of The Rookies.

Licence Requirements

This asset has been released under a Creative Commons licence. This means that when you share this model, or a variation of it publicly, you are required to include the following attribution information.

"Original asset created by Paul Braddock, licensed by The Rookies."

Download Asset

Please download the asset using the link below and have fun!

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