Created by Christina Ryan, we are happy to share this absolutely stunning 3D model of a Kombi van. The model is 100% ready for production and is a perfect asset to download to not only see how a model should be created, but also to use as a texturing project.

About the Artist

Christina Ryan is a Senior Texture and Look Development Artist at Industrial Light & Magic. Her role incorporates both creative and technical skills to develop textures and give models photo-realistic surface qualities. She is also actively involved in the education program to mentor the next generation of young artists.

She has worked on a number of movies, including Thor: Ragnarok, Tomb Raider, and Captain Marvel.

3D Model Overview

Look how good this model looks. It really is a beautiful production quality asset. Christina has spent a lot of time building this free model and has really paid tribute to this machine and used a lot of visual reference to help with the realism.

Clean Topology, UVs and Material IDs

Good topology is so important, and this model delivers! You will notice the van is created using well spaced and sized quads. This really helps with reducing texture stretching, render artifacts and it keeps the surface looking smooth and sharp.

Texturing an asset with bad UVs ain't fun. Luckily, Christina spent a great deal of time getting this as texture ready as possible. You're not going to find a better example of production quality UVs. To be honest, most high end production models don't look this good, simply due to schedule limitations. Use this as your benchmark for future assets that you create.

The Kombi van model comes assigned with simple material ids to make your lives easier. This means you will be texturing and fine tuning your shaders in no time at all.  

Working with Substance

You can use this model in any software package, but let's be honest, most people are going to take this for a spin with Substance by Adobe. Loading the mesh into Substance is really straightforward. Use these settings.

Each material will come in as a different texture set with its own layers, allowing for quick material separations. Also by enabling UDIM tile workflow, you will be able to paint across UDIMs and use Substance Painter to its full potential.

If you have a good computer, 2k resolution is a good start. Otherwise, bring everything in at 512 and only uprez one tile at a time as you work. Substance is great because it recalculates each stroke as you change resolution - meaning you can work lower, and export higher without losing data.

Example Renders

Check out these amazing renders that have been created by members of The Rookies.

Licence Requirements

This asset has been released under a Creative Commons licence. This means that when you share this model, or a variation of it publicly, you are required to include the following attribution information.

"Original asset created by Chrissie Ryan, licensed by The Rookies."

Download Asset

Please download the Kombi Van asset using the link below and have fun!

Shared with Dropbox

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