About School

3D College, a part of Viden Djurs, is one of Denmark’s largest technical colleges in the field of media production. Since 2004, we have established ourselves as the leading vocational education (VET) and training institution for 3D graphic students in Denmark. Over the years, we have built up close relations to Danish businesses that focus on graphical development in games, VFX/motion design and architectural visualizations. Before starting in a traineeship, our students have worked with advanced modelling, animation and graphics. We train them in the most used 3D programs within the fields of film, games and architecture. Our students live on our campus, where there are a wide array of workshops and courses they can make use of in their spare time; plenty of opportunities for sp

Location: Denmark Students: 101-500 Staff: 11-50 Founded: 2000 Type: Private Industries: 3D Animation, Game Design, Illustration, Immersive Media, Visual Effects

Student Artwork

Here is a small sample of artwork created by students during their time at the school. This quality of work is used by students' to apply for jobs.

General Information

You shouldn't have to make life changing decisions all by yourself.

We understand that many factors influence your course selection: school reputation, fees, and graduate outcomes. Our team can assist you by helping you apply to 3D College with the perfect application and art portfolio.

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