3is International Institute for Image and Sound

3is International Institute for Image and Sound

3iS is a privately-run higher education institution that readies students for careers in film and TV, audiovisual, sound, animation, video games, special effects, motion design and the performing arts

About School

3iS is a privately-run higher education institution that readies students for careers in film and TV, audiovisual, sound, animation, video games, special effects, motion design and the performing arts. 3iS was founded as a training ground for filmmakers and sound professionals.

The school hosts 2,200 students annually across four campuses in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Nantes, providing over 20,000 m2 of infrastructure entirely dedicated to the creative industries.

3iS trains people to work with passion, whether it’s in a creative or technical role. Our mission at 3iS is to open the doors for our students to access the professional future they dream of.

General Info

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The 3iS Paris campus offers students an exceptional environment to train for the filmmaking and sound production professions, with over 16,000 m2 of facilities on the very doorstep of Paris. Our audiovisual resources are unique in Europe, including shooting sets, a 300-m2 theater arts stage, a motion capture studio, a 300-seat screening room, and a movie set.

The 3iS Paris campus is located in Yvelines, where—in addition to the student residence—it boasts three buildings entirely dedicated to the creative arts. In 2021 a brand new facility is set to open, focused on digital animation, video games and special effects.

Each year, our Paris campus welcomes 1,500 students to train on 3iS’s Filmmaking & Audiovisual, Sound, Special Effects, Performing Arts, Animation, Video Games and Motion Design programs. Conveniently located just 25 minutes from Paris and 10 minutes from Versailles, the campus is well served by public transport.

There’s lots going on throughout the year on campus, including concerts, 3iS Fest, CinéClub and photo club happenings. The Student Office (BDE, Bureau des étudiants) plays a central role in organizing the school’s calendar highlights like the induction weekend, theme nights, and buddying for new students. It also coordinates the various clubs set up each year by students who want to share their passion for music, dance, sports or cinema.


The Business Relations Department makes professional integration its primary mission. That's why every student benefits from our network of over 1,800 partner companies. Students also participate in internships throughout their time studying at 3is, building their networks before obtaining their diplomas.

Employment Rates

87% of our graduates find professional opportunities in the 1st year after graduation.

MILÈNE HALLEY DES FONTAINES - Investigative Journalist

I met some interesting people throughout my studies at 3iS. The exchanges between students were rich. The instructors also held an important place in my studies. They promote professional opportunities and allow students to develop a real network.


We offer BFA, and MFA programs in Filmmaking, Cinematography, Film & TV, Recording and Music Production. A well-established hub of creative learning, 3iS works closely with industry insiders to develop our curriculum—not only in the audiovisual arena of filmmaking, animation, TV and new media, but also in the fields of sound, video games and the performing arts. Our students benefit from being part of this powerful network of partners, which we leverage to provide them with real-life experience in their future professions


Delivered entirely in English, the Film & TV Diploma program at 3iS is intended for international and French students with a good command of the English language. This three-year course focuses on directing, production, filming and editing, and leads to a state-approved diploma.


Our new BFA in Filmmaking program at 3iS, is taught completely in English and focuses on various aspects of filmmaking, with a focus on storytelling, creativity and technical expertise.


Delivered entirely in English, our innovative MFA in Cinematography program at 3iS, trains students in multiple aspects of filmmaking, with a focus on developing a creative vision and acquiring the technical expertise, needed to pursue a career in this field.


Delivered entirely in English, our MFA in Recording & Music Production focuses on producing sound for concerts, music albums, movie soundtracks, cinema, TV shows, commercials, video games, animation, musicography, sound set design, theater, etc.

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