BigRock, Institute of Magic Technologies, is the first training center of visual effects in Italy.

About School

BigRock is the oldest and largest training center in Italy for Computer Graphics. With more than 300 students per year, BigRock combines high intensity training in Computer Graphics, Videogames, Concept Art with unforgettable team building experiences. Students from all the country and abroad attend BigRock to start from zero and becoming production ready artists in just few months.

General Info

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The main facility hosts 13 themed classrooms with a maximum of 16 workstations each, a sculpture laboratory, an arcade room, a cafeteria and a 200 seat cinema. The campus also provides dormitories, sport facilities and restaurants.


All the mentors in BigRock must have attended the school. After passing at least two levels of selection, our teachers are chosen not only for high technical skills but also for their charisma and passion for the job, willing to dedicate themselves in raising the next generations of artists.

Employment Rates

An average of 80% of the students graduated at BigRock find a job in the industry in a year.

Student Showcase

Take a look at some of the traditional and digital artwork BigRock students produce during their education.

Davide Pagin, Senior Character Artist, ILM XLab San Francisco

BigRock represented for me a way to change my career from advertising graphics. I could acquire important technical skills and realise what are the basics to join the industry. Maybe more important than this were all the friendships and networks I made, which I'm keeping nowadays and always rely on for improving myself in my job.


BigRock has four main Master courses: Computer Graphics, Videogames, Concept Art and Sound Production. Our classes are all full-time semestral courses. The high intensity program is extremely efficient in terms of growth for a young artist and set BigRock as the leading school in Italy, with many competitors trying to replicate the same model.

Master in Computer Graphics

A full generalist course which leads the students through all the steps of a 3D Animation pipeline, preparing them for joining the industry as junior generalists.


A high intensity hybrid program with a 3D artistic side and coding immersion for real time engines. The aim of the class is to prepare the next generation of Technical Artists.

Concept Art

Avertical preparation of the next Concept Artists, with deep focus on digital drawing to create Characters, Environments and props for games and movies. Sound Production: focused on directing the students's musical skills into composing soundtracks and mixing sound effects for movies and games.

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