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For more than 100 years, Falmouth University has been a hub of creative thinking and design innovation. Start your career today with us!

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For more than 100 years, Falmouth University has been a hub of creative thinking and design innovation. Today, our portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate courses represents the breadth of the Creative Industries, from art, design and fashion, to gaming, music and film.

Virtual reality. Green energy. Culture-shifting content. Nothing in this world has ever been achieved without an injection of creativity – it's what we call the Creative Bridge. Creativity is an invaluable resource in the future economy. At a time when machines, data, robotics and AI are upending the old industries and changing the way we live, when demographics are shifting and our environment is changing, it's creativity that will provide solutions to today’s complex challenges across every sector.

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Computing for Games BSc(Hons)

You'll collaborate with other students in the Games Academy – from animators through to sound designers – to develop a multi-disciplinary approach with creativity at its heart. By the time you graduate, you'll be confident in pursuing a career in software development, in the games industry and beyond.

You will:

  • Get under the hood of video game engines like Unity and Unreal while learning a range of programming languages like Python, C# and C++
  • Engage with the latest technologies, including procedural content generation, deep learning, and mixed reality to develop broadly transferable skills
  • Blend art and science while developing teamwork and communication skills that are highly desired in the industry
  • Create an 'optimisation mindset' by learning to work within platform constraints
  • Make games collaboratively with artists, animators, composers, designers, writers and other programmers

Animation & Visual Effects BA(Hons)

We'll support you to develop original imaginative stories, master directing and producing techniques, learn the patience of stop motion and the complexity of rigging and modelling. You'll play in 2D and 3D, in physical clay and the digital world, to produce films that make a mark.

You will:

  • Have the chance to work on live briefs for globally renowned organisations
  • Have the opportunity to submit second year films to national festivals
  • Benefit from industry mentors in your third year with the likes of Cecilia Hay (Production Coordinator, Passion Pictures), Matt Tinsley (VFX Coordinator, Quantum of Solace) and Tony Farquhar–Smith (Isle of Dogs)
  • Pitch your third year project to an industry panel
  • Have the chance to work on our in-house micro-budget feature films

Game Art BA(Hons)

As a game artist, you'll be joining one of the fastest growing sectors of the games industry, and be in higher demand than ever before. On this course, you'll work within game development teams and graduate as a skilled artist with your own distinctive style.

You will:

  • Learn about concept art, character art and environment art as well as the pipelines and processes used to make games.
  • Work in an industry-standard environment with access to Cintiqs.
  • Make complete games by working in multidisciplinary teams and collaborating in engines like Unreal and Unity.
  • Acquire the skills you need to make a successful career from your artistic talent
  • Be surrounded by people who live and breathe games.
  • Master a range of industry-standard tools used to produce game art including ZBrush, Maya, Substance Painter, Marmoset and Marvelous Designer.

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