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Flinders University / CDW Studios

In partnership Flinders University and CDW Studios have created a very unique study environment where you are being taught by an instructor who currently works as a professional in that industry.

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In partnership Flinders University and CDW Studios have created a very unique study environment where you are being taught by an instructor who currently works as a professional in that industry. Our instructors are world class, and have experience freelancing and working for some of the world’s top entertainment providers and creators, such as Blizzard Entertainment, Rising Sun Pictures, Disney, Warner Brothers and Lego just to name a few. By employing industry professionals CDW Studios and Flinders University ensure that students receive an intensive industry relevant education along with the critical thinking, analysis and structure that a Flinders University degree provides.

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Students experience learning in a realistic studio setting, and all classes are delivered using a state of the art multimedia facility. Each week instructors provide a live demonstration of the weeks work, before offering individual advice and feedback to all students. Students not only receive individual art critique each week, but are also able to view their instructors workflow, pipeline and techniques.

Anthony Robinson

Being taught by industry professionals really gets the ball rolling in regard to the quality of work we’re able to produce. I’m working on my portfolio to make sure it’s industry ready. I’ve also been the opportunity to work on my own project,which I’m taking into my honours year to develop into a product I can sell on the market or pitch to studios

Student Showcase

Take a look at some of the traditional and digital artwork Flinders University and CDW Studios students produce during their education.

Anthony Robinson

I dreamt of working in the entertainment industry as a kid all the way back when I was playing my Super Nintendo. Although, it would be many years later that I would recognize my dreams could become ...

Jay Blencowe

I studied architecture for a while but eventually left and found out about concept art in learning to draw as a hobby. I just started getting more involved, and eventually I decided to go all in. Now ...

Daniel Matic

I first realized I wanted to work in the creative media and entertainment industry after seeing the DreamWorks Animation Exhibition at Melbournes ACMI. Since then I have worked on building my skillse...

Alexander Tuma

My name is Alexander Tuma and I am an aspiring 3D/texture artist based in South Australia. From a young age, I was fascinated with digital art/design, wanting to know more about it and how it was crea...

Courtney Paech

I began my Digital Media degree with Flinders University / CDW Studios simply wanting to improve my 2D skills, I had no interest in working in the entertainment industry back then. It wasn’t until the...

Thuy-Anh Le

Art has been a constant throughout my life, it's only natural that it would carry through to my career in the creative industry too.

Kyle Jaxon Blaize

At a very young age I have always drawn on anything I could from napkins to my school books. I knew i wanted to do somthing in the entertainment industry when I went to a job expo many years ago. I sa...


CDW Studios provides an intense learning experience combined with a friendly and encouraging atmosphere, catering for all skill levels. From 3D modeling to 2D character design, CDW Studios is the right place for anyone wishing to pursue a career in the visual effects and entertainment design industry. The aim of CDW Studios is to deliver practical classes that directly help hone skills used in the professional working environment.

CDW Studios in conjunction with Flinders University offer a 3 year full time Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Effects and Entertainment Design) degree. The degree features all instructors, live demos and one-on-one industry feedback that lead the way at CDW Studios, but now you can do it as a full time University course with Flinders University. Students in the BCA (VEED) can choose either the 2D Concept, Game Art, VFX or Animation pathways throughout the degree.

Studying full time is the best way to fast track your career in the entertainment design and VFX industry. All classes are taught by industry professionals, ensuring students receive an industry relevant education. With highly focused classes in a relaxed learning environment, CDW Studios and Flinders University employs a dedicated but encouraging environment for students to develop their portfolios and learn what it takes to become an industry professional.

The degree is offered through Flinders University. You’ll need to apply through SATAC. Degree name: Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Effects and Entertainment Design), Flinders University. The course code that you need for SATAC is 224131. Although the degree is offered through Flinders University, we work in a strong partnership with CDW Studios. Students doing this degree will be doing workshops at CDW as part of their topics. Once you apply through SATAC you’ll need to complete your application by sending a pack to Flinders cont

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