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Throughout the entertainment industry, Full Sail graduates have made their names working on award-winning films and albums, acclaimed video games and design projects, live productions, and more. Full Sail University offers Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's degrees both on-campus and online.Accredited by ACCSC (Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges).

Full Sail University is an award-winning educational leader for those pursuing careers in entertainment, media, arts and technology. Founded in 1979, Full Sail has received accolades throughout its 40+ year history, including most recently:

  • One of the 2020 "Top Graduate & Undergraduate Schools to Study Game Design" by The Princeton Review
  • One of the 2019 "Top 50 Film Schools" by The Wrap Magazine
  • 2019 "School/College of the Year" by the Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges.

Full Sail is a graduate and undergraduate degree-granting institution offering on-campus and online degree programs in areas related to Art & Design, Business, Film & Television, Games, Media & Communications, Music & Recording, Sports, and Technology. Full Sail alumni have worked on countless award-winning projects with individual recognition including OSCAR®, Emmy®, GRAMMY®, ADDY®, MTV Video Music Award, and Video Game Award honors.

Our 210+ acre campus is located in Winter Park, FL. From game studios, to venues, to boardrooms and film sets, our classrooms are designed to look and feel like industry production environments – because they are. Full Sail degrees are built around real-world experience – project-based work in professional environments and on professional software and hardware. Our education is offered at an accelerated pace, which allows students to graduate in about half the time of a traditional bachelor's program. This unique approach helps prepare our students for the entertainment media world they want to join after graduation.

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Student Portfolio Examples
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Student Project Examples
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Computer Animation Bachelor's

In this program, students build traditional art fundamentals while familiarizing themselves with the techniques and technology behind animated projects in media such as film, television, video games and motion graphics.

Digital Arts & Design Bachelor's


This program combines art fundamentals with the design industry’s current technology – helping students expand their artistic talents to create powerful imagery for entertainment, advertising, branding, and the web.

Game Art Bachelor's

This degree program focuses on the fundamentals of interactive graphics development – including character creation, environment and prop creation, the game production pipeline, in-game effects, and animation.

Graphic Design Bachelor's

Students learn how to meet deadlines and work within specific creative demands while producing high-end design work in a variety of formats.

Computer Animation Bachelor of Science

From implementing crowd scenes in a movie or television commercial to creating vast landscapes for a video game, artists use computer graphics in nearly every aspect of today’s entertainment industry.

Full Sail University’s Computer Animation bachelor of science degree program guides students through the same production pipeline used in professional studios – from storyboarding, sketching, and visual development to modeling and character animation, and final compositing.

Digital Arts & Design Bachelor of Science

Visual messaging is about much more than aesthetic; it's also about behavior and identity. Art can influence consumers, build bridges between individuals and organizations, and inspire conversation.

The Digital Arts & Design bachelor of science degree program provides a comprehensive look at the entire design process – from concept to creation and from presentation to implementation. Throughout the curriculum, you'll explore the foundational elements of 2D and 3D art theory, utilize hardware and software used by current design professionals, and hone your own eye for visual messaging.

Game Art Bachelor's

This degree program focuses on the fundamentals of interactive graphics development – including character creation, environment and prop creation, the game production pipeline, in-game effects, and animation.

Game Design Bachelor's

Students learn production processes used by today’s studios to design and produce games, while studying the building blocks of narrative design.

Game Design Master's

This program’s specialized courses focus on core concepts in teamwork and leadership, project development, design and prototyping, and marketing, as well as grounding in different types of software.

Game Development Bachelor's

In this program, students master the technology and tools necessary to develop and program single and multiplayer video games for gaming consoles, personal computers, and networks.

Mobile Gaming Master's

This program allows students to explore the production processes used to produce content for mobile gaming platforms, such as character sketches, level design, story development, and other creative elements.

Simulation & Visualization Bachelor's

This program familiarizes students with the technical and critical thinking skills needed to study, architect, develop, and test simulation and visualization systems.

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