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Institut Artline is an innovative online school that allows you to follow a professional degree course in digital creation, accompanied by recognized experts working in the largest studios and agencies of different sectors of digital creation. Live and professionalize your passion, thanks to our online diploma courses Preparatory, Bachelors and Masters preparing for the professions of creation.

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Student Portfolio Examples
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Student Project Examples
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Bachelor Game Designer

Prepare to become an essential part of the game (board games and video games)! The game designer or game designer is its essence. It establishes playability by structuring systems and mechanics. Armed with paper, pencils and digital tools, he designs all of the rules and establishes prototypes that he experiences, to extract the quintessence.

Thanks to our online training, becoming a game designer will no longer be a dream for you and the world of games and creation will open up to you. 

You will of course be accompanied by the best experts in this field so that this distance course in video games and board games takes place in the best possible conditions.

Bachelor Artist & Illustration Concept

This course of our digital school is dedicated to the pre-production of graphic universes for video games, animation cinema, advertising or publishing. You will learn to create rich universes, and you will gain access to professions where imagination, creativity and artistic techniques are in power.

If you are passionate about visual creation and have a particular talent for drawing, this online illustrator and concept art training will help you develop your creativity in order to imagine incredible universes.

Bachelor 3d Infographist & Animation/VFX

A high-level course to develop technical and artistic skills in line with the current demands of 3D and VFX professions in the entertainment industry (cinema, animation) and advertising.

Unit 1: Staging

Unit 2: Modeling

Unit 3: Shading and lighting

Unit 4: Modeling project

Unit 5: Animation and setup

Unit 6: Shading and lighting project

Unit 7: Nuke

Unit 8: Animation project

Unit 9: Character modeling

Unit 10: Discovery of a UV (your choice)

Unit 11: End of year project

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