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The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts is one of seven universities of applied sciences in Switzerland. It was founded in 1997 and comprises of the Lucerne Schools of Engineering and Architecture, Business, Information Technology, Social Work, Art and Design and Music. It is the largest educational institution in the region and supported by the six central Swiss cantons Lucerne, Uri, Schwyz, Obwalden, Nidwalden and Zug.

The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts fulfils its mandate in the four areas of education, continuing and executive education, applied research and development, and services. The bachelor's and master's degree programmes follow the requirements of business, culture and civil society and prepare students for the needs of the job market. Ambitious professionals can choose from a wide range of continuing and executive education courses. At the moment, more than 6'200 students are enrolled and more than 4'500 persons are taking continuing education courses.

Because of its research activities and specialised services, the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts is an important and reliable partner for enterprises in the private sector, federations/associations and public authorities. It maintains an extensive national and international network.

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Student Portfolio Examples
Follow this link to check out some live portfolios from Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts students.
Student Project Examples
Follow this link to view some of the top projects created by Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts students.


Bachelor animation

Animation fascinates me. Drawings, paintings, objects, dolls or computer data begin to come to life. Every conceivable idea and fantasy becomes possible for me. Animation takes me to places where we've never been. Animation is wonderful.

Bachelor Data Design & Art

Are you interested in larger contexts and would you like to help shape the future? Do you have a flair for numbers, design and information technology? Are you thinking outside the box and would like to train yourself for diverse and future-oriented career opportunities? With the Bachelor in Data Design & Art, which is unique in Switzerland, you will become a sought-after professional for the interpretation, visualization and communication of data.

Bachelor of Arts in Illustration

The first and most sought-after Bachelor of Arts in Illustration within Switzerland combines a passion for drawing and design with the enjoyment of illustration and illustrated stories and the desire to make that special extra effort, so that each work may surpass the one before.

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