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M3DS Academy

M3DS Academy is an Autodesk Authorized Training Center for visual arts. M3DS Academy offers a variety of educational options to the students, that want to be included in the creative industry.

About School

M3DS Academy is an Autodesk Authorized Training Center for visual arts. M3DS Academy offers a variety of educational options to the students, that want to be included in the creative industry. Through our courses we develop professional 3D artists which earn international certification, with developed portfolio and professional career development.

General Info

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M3DS Academy is located in the capital Skopje in Macedonia. We are located in a business building of 300 square meters. We have equipped two large classrooms with appropriate computer configuration, mouse, keyboard, and graphics tablets. We also have a workshop room with fifteen 3D printers, which students can use in training, or to make their final projects.


We are very lucky to work with a team that is always eager for more and always discusses together the innovations in the world related to the visual arts. Apart from the mutual cooperation of the colleagues, we always try to create conditions for progress, through advanced seminars, webinars, and conferences, as well as establishing cooperation with the staff of the companies, that we have collaboration with.

Employment Rates

From our alumni students, we can proudly point out that about 60 percent are already employed in some of the local studios with which we have cooperation, or work abroad, in a foreign company, according to their certification, or they even opened their own businesses.

Student Showcase

Take a look at some of the traditional and digital artwork M3DS Academy students produce during their education.

Ilche Pejovski - 3D artist, Cylindo

I am very pleased with the M3DS Academy and the knowledge they have provided. Each exercise was practical and I think that way we immediately get exactly what we need to immediately prepare our portfolio and be competitive. I started working at Cylindo before I finished my studies, so I studied and worked in parallel. Really wonderful experience.


One thing that we think makes us stand out a lot more than other educational centers and academies, is that our curriculum is designed as a large pipeline for work, which is most common in the real world and is often used in companies. Although during the courses the students learn and work in different software, we not only teach them the necessary tools, but also explain to them practically how to connect the knowledge between all the software, creating really wonderful works of art. The support, motivation, and encouragement of the instructors for progress are also crucial in the whole process.

Academy Year

The Academy Year is a 12-month program that allows you to gain quality knowledge and skills and become a professional certified 3D artist. The Academy Year is organized in a way that students will master a number of programs for 3D modeling, animation, texturing, video game creation, short animated film, work with motion capture suits, and much more. All this through practical exercises, examples, and final projects. During the Academy year, the student will have the chance to learn the whole pipeline of the film and game industry as well pushing the students to their maximum limits of creation. M3DS academy is recognizable by investing all of the resources and knowledge in their students.

- Duration: 12 months
- Pricing Details: 3690 euros
- Intake Dates: first enrollments - September, second enrollments February

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