MAGES Institute of Excellence

MAGES Institute of Excellence

We offer students live industry projects, lecturers with years of experience, a low student to teacher ratio and a campus located in the heart of Orchard Road

About School

MAGES is a private education institution that provides high-quality tertiary level coaching and skill-set for the game designers, animators, and creative technology experts of tomorrow. This year marks the 10th yr. of MAGES in operations. Last year we have been recognized as Top 50 Creative Media & Entertainment Schools and Colleges in the World 2020 &Top 10 Schools in the world by Rookies for Mobile Game Production Excellence in 2019. Led by an outstanding & renowned faculty of digital media artists, thinkers, and innovators working in the field of Technology, Animation, Gaming, VR/AR, Design & Digital Media Art, and Media Theory.

General Info

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MAGES campus and community together ensure that students come to school feeling motivated in their pursuit to master their craft. MAGES is situated in the heart of Singapore at SCAPE Orchard to be more specific at SCAPE, a youth centric. The space committed to developing the talents and leadership potential of Singapore’s younger generation. Students are encouraged to access both the physical and digital library with free wi-fi to expose themselves to unlimited resources for innovation and better learning. They are equipped with the latest technologies like VR headsets and Wacom tablets.


We run our own studio - MAGES STUDIO - where we leverage creative technologies to create solutions for different industries. We are always up-to-date on the industry standards for Game Design, Development, and Art. This allows us to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to our clients. In turn, we assure our students of Industry-standard education.

Employment Rates

The employment rate is 65%

Student Showcase

Take a look at some of the traditional and digital artwork MAGES Institute of Excellence students produce during their education.

Samantha Topacio

Drawing has always been something that I've enjoyed. With Game Development, I can enhance my skills on both the programming side as well as the creative side. Game Development can be tough but it's ...

Geoffrey Mendoza

It all started on March 2019 that I want to develop games that anyone can play with fun. Then learning game development is exciting because everyday you learn new things especially the programming par...

Mohamed Birya

When i was working in a Hotel in Mumbai,India and wanted to grow in my passion of gaming and become a game developer.

Chung Sok Pin

After playing so much games i got more interested on the story of the game as that is what always got me hook to the games i play , that's where i decided that my goal is to be a writer in the game i...

Nguyen Van Long

I was passionate about the art, about the characters since I was a n elementary school student. I don't want stop there, I want to develop myself into the creative media, entertainment and gameing ind...

Noire Chai

I have been always interested in gaming mechanics behind the game I played, specifically in Artificial Intelligence. I would also love to think about what I would change about the game if I have the...

Shailabh Chandra

It was when I realized i wanted to make stories of my own based on existing franchises. I have always loved story telling and wanted to insert my own thoughts into the narrative. As a small child , ...

Talat Tausif Sameer Karvinkar

As a child i realized the amount of work that goes in the process of making games and i wanted to be a part of that process. I have a immense appreciation for the world building and level design and ...

Cindy Gozali - Game Developer, MAGES Studios

In MAGES I learned about multiplayer, creating my own game engine with C++ and, learned to create my game business management and market my game. I feel lucky to study at MAGES, I learned not only about game development, but also how to present my game in such a way where people will be interested in it. I also meet a lot of industry people and increase my connection.


Specialized school - Game Technology and Game Art Students get hands-on industry experience with their capstone projects which are provided by the industry partners.


The students through the entire game development cycle, from pre-production to finished product. The goal of this programme is to provide one with the focused knowledge and understanding of game development useful in qualifying for entry-level industry positions as game programmers, tool builders, I/O programmers, and artificial intelligence programmers.

11 months (SGD 15,338++) - Intake March 2021


The game art major brings feature film aesthetics to games, and is focused on providing students with the professional artistic skills necessary to create compelling and believable interactive experiences. Overall, our graduates are highly talented game artists with marketable and industry-level game artist skills.

11 months (SGD 15,338++) - Intake March 2021


This diploma programme prepares talented artists for a successful career in the field of computer animation. Students have the opportunity to study the broadest range of disciplines including drawing, storyboarding, modelling, film editing, and character animation. By the end of the course. students will have developed a professional showreel.

11 months (SGD 15,338++) - IntakeTBA


Students are taught to use graphic design principles in a filmmaking or video production context through the use of animation and other techniques. In this course you’ll traverse graphic, motion and interactive design, giving you an opportunity to develop your specialization, before going on to shape your own destiny in a design studio, production house, creative agency, or as a freelancer.

18 months (SGD 23,488++) - Intake TBA

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