MAGES Institute of Excellence

MAGES Institute of Excellence

An IMDA approved Edutrust certified training provider with 11+ years of existence. Build a fledgling career with a wealth of opportunities from our professionals and alumni network; working.

About School

MAGES Institute of Excellence is a private educational institution that provides advanced training in the rapidly growing industries of media, animation, and gaming. We are honoured to have received the four-year EduTrust Certification twice in a row.

The recipient of the Rookies Award and ranked among the top 50 Design and Media Schools in the world. Through interactions with our lecturers, who are skilled industry professionals of digital media artists, thinkers, and innovators from the fields of Technology, Animation, Gaming, VR/AR, Data Science, Full Stack Web Development, Concept Art, Design & Digital Media Art, and Media Theory and more.

General Info

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Our students and teachers benefit from world-class facilities at the MAGES Institute of Excellence. We want to provide a lively and loving environment that encourages children to be creative and study to their full potential.

MAGES has a well-stocked library and spacious workspaces with lots of breathing area for unlimited learning opportunities.

The MAGES community's vitality will also excite the students. Our teachers and mentors help students develop a growth mindset by encouraging them to accomplish their best at all times.

Our facilities and community will always promote a learning atmosphere that inspires students every day they come to class.

Moreover, it is located in the heart of Singapore - SCAPE Orchard, which is about a 5-minute walk from Somerset MRT Station. Because of its central location, taking public transportation is simple and convenient. Students also have a variety of food and supply alternatives within minutes of campus due to their location in Singapore's premier shopping centre.


To keep the employees up to date on industry developments, the Program Directors create a complete training work plan for all lecturers. We have well-recognised faculties who are Unreal Engine & Unity authorized, work for top studios like UBISOFT, and own their own game studios.

We take a holistic approach to teaching that provides both academic rigour and practical knowledge and skills. We own and operate MAGES STUDIO, where we use innovative technologies to develop solutions for a variety of sectors. We keep up with industry standards for Game Design, Development, and Art at all times. This enables us to provide cutting-edge solutions to our clients. As a result, we can guarantee our students a high-quality education.

Employment Rates

MAGES Institute employment rate for Diploma Students is 62% & Professional Certificate students are 91.58%.

Student Showcase

Take a look at some of the traditional and digital artwork MAGES Institute of Excellence students produce during their education.

Samantha Topacio

Drawing has always been something that I've enjoyed. With Game Development, I can enhance my skills on both the programming side as well as the creative side. Game Development can be tough but it's ...

Geoffrey Mendoza

It all started on March 2019 that I want to develop games that anyone can play with fun. Then learning game development is exciting because everyday you learn new things especially the programming par...

Mohamed Birya

When I was working in a Hotel in Mumbai, India and wanted to grow in my passion of gaming and become a game developer.

Chung Sok Pin

After playing so much games i got more interested on the story of the game as that is what always got me hook to the games i play , that's where i decided that my goal is to be a writer in the game i...

Nguyen Van Long

I was passionate about the art, about the characters since I was a n elementary school student. I don't want stop there, I want to develop myself into the creative media, entertainment and gameing ind...

Noire Chai

I have been always interested in gaming mechanics behind the game I played, specifically in Artificial Intelligence. I would also love to think about what I would change about the game if I have the...

Shailabh Chandra

It was when I realized i wanted to make stories of my own based on existing franchises. I have always loved story telling and wanted to insert my own thoughts into the narrative. As a small child , ...

Talat Tausif Sameer Karvinkar

As a child i realized the amount of work that goes in the process of making games and i wanted to be a part of that process. I have a immense appreciation for the world building and level design and ...

Cindy Gozali - Game Developer, MAGES Studios

In MAGES I learned about multiplayer, creating my own game engine with C++, learned to create my game business management and market my game. I feel lucky to study at MAGES, I learned not only about game development, but also how to present my game in such a way that people will be interested in it. I also meet a lot of industry people and increase my connection.


Students obtain hands-on industry experience with their capstone projects, which are offered by industry partners. Specialised school - Game Technology and Game Art, Learn everything from the fundamentals to advanced in-depth knowledge of emerging technologies and opportunities. The fundamental purpose of MAGES Institute is to provide education and training to students in order to prepare them for employment. As a result, its curriculum is tailored to the contemporary needs of the creative media and entertainment business. Students will be anchored in art basics and trained to be extremely adept in industry tools, so these certificates are open to aspiring artists with and without traditional art education. The curriculum is designed to be intensive in order to imitate working settings so that MAGES graduates are instantly employable following graduation. All of MAGES diplomas are full-time, and most will take a year to complete. Assignments done throughout the course of the students' study will become part of their comprehensive portfolio, which will be ready when they graduate.

Concept Art Program (Diploma in Entertainment Design) - 1 Year Program

MAGES Institute is one of the greatest Concept Art Schools for students who want to begin their career in this field. This programme will provide participants the mentality and skills they need to create value from their enthusiasm for this exciting vocation. You will learn essential skills including painting, matte painting, 3D design, and more to learn Environment Design, Character Design, and Mechanical Design. However, concept art is more than just drawing pictures. You will also learn how to solve problems and find solutions for their clients in order to bring their visions to life.

Course Fee:(Incl 7% GST)
International Students - SGD 19,782.16
Singapore Citizens & PRs - SGD 17,374.66

Game Art Program (Diploma in Game Art Program) - 11 Months Program

MAGES Game Art Program offers students proper vocabulary, sculpting and texturing abilities, Next-Gen Workflows, character anatomy, and how to render and break down game models professionally. This programme is designed to completely equip you for a successful career in interactive digital art, not only in Singapore but around the world. Students will devote 11 months to the programme and emerge as polished designers with a portfolio of their own work and a diverse set of skills.

Course Fee:(Incl 7% GST)
International Students - SGD 18,712.16
Singapore Citizens & PRs - SGD 16,304.66

Game Tech Program (Diploma in Game Design and Technology Program) - 12 Months Program

The programme aims to teach all of the necessary information to begin a career in game technology. You will be mentored through the whole Game Design and Development cycle and given focused information and expertise in order to qualify for entry-level industry roles. From designing proprietary game engines to deploying whole games, our faculty has extensive experience in gaming technology.

Course Fee:(Incl 7% GST)
International Students - SGD 18,712.16
Singapore Citizens & PRs - SGD 16,304.66

We offer a wide range of short term courses as well as Diploma courses.To know more visit us @

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