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MAGES Institute of Excellence is a private institution that provides high quality tertiary level education for tomorrow's game designers, animators and creative computing experts. A rapidly developing sector in Singapore and all over the world, the Media, Animation and Gaming industries are evolving by the hour. We offer students live industry projects, lecturers with years of experience, a low student to teacher ratio and a campus located in the heart of Orchard Road. Pave the way to lasting success in arenas of the future, with MAGES Institute of Excellence.

We run our own studio - MAGES STUDIO - where we leverage creative technologies to create solutions for different industries. We pride in our first-hand knowledge of industry- relevant skills.We are always up-to-date on the industry standards for Game Design, Development, and Art. This allows us to deliver state- of-the-art solutions to our clients. In turn, we assure our students of Industry-standard education.

General Info

Student Portfolio Examples
Follow this link to check out some live portfolios from MAGES Institute of Excellence students.
Student Project Examples
Follow this link to view some of the top projects created by MAGES Institute of Excellence students.


Diploma in Game Technology

The Diploma in Game Technology guides students through the entire game development cycle, from pre-production to finished product. The goal of this programme is to provide one with the focused knowledge and understanding of game development useful in qualifying for entry-level industry positions as game programmers, tool builders, I/O programmers and artificial intelligence programmers.

Programme Highlights

  • Master Unity & Unreal Game Engines
  • Have specific Mobile platform experience, e.g. Android /IOS Game Deployment
  • Do High Level Game Programming in C# using Unity3D or Any Similar Engines
  • Work on your own Indie Game and as part of a team

Diploma in Game Art

This Diploma in Game Art is designed to develop the passion and skills to create cutting-edge digital artwork, allowing students to meet the demands and forge career paths into the competitive game art industry. The game art major brings feature film aesthetics to games, and is focused on providing students with the professional artistic skills necessary to create compelling and believable interactive experiences. Overall, our graduates are highly talented game artists with marketable and industry-level game artist skills.

Programme Highlights

  • Exceptional digital sculpting and Texturing skills
  • Understanding of both human and creature anatomy
  • Produce AAA quality Next Gen Character model/texture
  • Identify and utilize Next Gen Workflows to achieve the desired goal
  • Learn professional terms relating to real-time game asset creation
  • Produce professional game model renderings and breakdowns for use in a portfolio

Diploma in 3D Animation

This diploma programme prepares talented artists for a successful career in the field of computer animation. Students have the opportunity to study the broadest range of disciplines including drawing, storyboarding, modelling, film editing, and character animation. By the end of the course. students will have developed a professional showreel.

Programme Highlights

  • Learn the fundamentals of movement and timing
  • Cultivate creative and artistic qualities, along with the appropriate technical skills
  • Observational skills and acting talent, for character work
  • Critically appraise and evaluate work in the area of 3D animation
  • Apply, manipulate and combine media to create advanced 3D animated performances
  • Produce a finished Animated Show Reel for your Final Portfolio

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