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Created in 1988, RUBIKA is a private college specialized in Video Games, 2D/3D Animation and Design. Located on 4 campuses in Valenciennes (France), Montreal (Canada), Pune (India) and Nairobi (Kenya), RUBIKA trains each year more than 1300 students determined to turn their passion into a profession. Our school aims at a balance between cultural, artistic and technical education. Throughout their training, students work on projects in studio mode. This experience-based learning ensures students a rapid professionalization, forging their personal organization and their culture of collaborative work.

General Info

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With more than 17,000 m² of infrastructure, RUBIKA guarantees its students an optimal working environment in line with the expected professionalism. RUBIKA invests 1 million euros each year in the purchase of computer equipment (computers, consoles…), the renewal of software licenses or the acquisition of new equipment. RUBIKA students have a dedicated personal computer on site and are not obliged to invest in their own computer.


RUBIKA's pedagogical team is composed of professionals who keep abreast of structural and technological developments in their field. Training courses can be set up to maintain their level of expertise or to allow them to discover new tools (example: Houdini)

Employment Rates

Animation : 72% Video Game : 89% Design : 83% 12 month after graduation

Student Showcase

Take a look at some of the traditional and digital artwork RUBIKA students produce during their education.

Raina Patel

I am a trained performing artist in an Indian Classical dance . I have been dancing since my childhood and during my performing arts journey I realized how much I loved the art of story telling. T...

Antoine Destailleurs

I have always been interested in character creation and started playing video games at a very young age. Over time the association of the two as a future profession seemed obvious to me.

Louise Leblond

When I was a little girl, I used to watch disney movies during my free time and I really liked it ( like A LOT ! ). And, when I was a teenager I searched for school and I found Supinfocom so I told ...

Hamish Bryant

Since I started playing videogames I've always been curious as to how art was made for them. I knew I wanted to work in the creative media and entertainment industry when I realized the creative possi...


It was in the back of my head for a pretty long time but I really realized it when I was in university, I was doing something completely different and I wasn't happy... I knew I needed to chase my dre...

Cécile Floucat

I spent my childhood and teenage years creating characters, making small videos for my family or shorts using video game graphics. Creating stuff was so much fun and when it came to choose a professio...

Thibaut Wambre - Set Surfacer Illumination Mac Guff

Through its generalist approach, RUBIKA allowed me to discover 3D jobs in animation and to choose the branch I liked the most which was Surfacing.


Our school is based on a simple principle: to accompany students in their creative vocation, to turn their passion into a fulfilling profession. This historical promise guides us through the changes undergone by our professions, both culturally and technologically speaking. Each year, we innovate to adapt ourselves to the sectors changes

3D Animation

This training aims at mastering the techniques and tools of digital animation to make animated films with computer generated images.

2D Animation

This program aims at mastering traditional animation techniques and tools to make 2D animated films.


This training aims at mastering the techniques and tools necessary to produce digital special effects for cinema or advertising.

Game Art

This training aims at mastering 2D/3D creation techniques and tools to create coherent and immersive graphic universes, allowing the player to live a striking gaming experience.


Game Design

This training aims at mastering the concepts, techniques and tools to create strong interactive experiences using a game system and its gameplay mechanisms.

Game Programming

This training aims at mastering the different video game engines (Unity 3D, Unreal Engine 4) in order to implement elements that will give life to the video game: game mechanics, functionalities, artificial intelligence…


Transportation Design

This training aims at acquiring a fine analytical approach, a working methodology and the mastery of 2D/3D tools to design and improve the objects of our daily life.
This training aims at learning the methodology, techniques and 2D/3D tools to design the means of transportation of tomorrow.

3D Modeling / Digital Design

This training aims at acquiring a fine analytical approach, developing a work methodology and mastering 3D creation and animation tools to bring design concepts to life.

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