There’s one question we get a lot and that’s how to create a portfolio that stands out above the rest. With all the creativity out there and all the sites that provide a way to host a portfolio, you would think this one of the easier parts of the process, but since it is a process and takes time to do, many want to know the tricks, the best practice, for making a portfolio that stands out.

For Industrial Design students, fastening down a style and building portfolio pieces around visuals rendered and animated in KeyShot is one of the most successful ways we’ve seen, confirmed by students, to get noticed quick.

Magnus Skogsfjord realizes the importance of developing a strong portfolio. Having recently graduated and working with various customers as the Product Manager NX at Zenith Systems AS, it continues to be an important part of how he communicates concepts and take part in the process.


KeyShot is the only software I’ve encountered so far, that allows designers and engineers without the necessary know-how to take part in a high-end visualization development. We can now start talking about insourcing product visualization, making better decisions throughout the design and development process.

With this in mind, there are 3 ways in which KeyShot helps people create amazing portfolio pieces.

KeyShot makes creating high-end visualization more accessible

Often, there can be a lot of thought and consideration put into what shots to render out–material use, light setup, settings. When you need to create high-end visuals fast, KeyShot cuts the time it takes by showing you everything in real-time. It’s built around this, to give your results faster, and have those hero shots sooner.

KeyShot lets you explore color, material and finish throughout the product development process

If you need multiple shots of multiple finishes and color studies, that can add time when using other software to modify your shots. Even though changing colors in KeyShot is a snap, you can use patterns or scene sets to set up multiple, independent product samples to explore variations and contain your entire product shot in one file.

KeyShot allows you to create higher quality visuals in less time

A big part of learning software is just using it. You expect all the settings and option to be features that keep moving you forward. That’s why with KeyShot everything, from the interface to creating the final render, has been designed to save time. From material and lighting presets to advanced material and HDRI editing, quick camera setup and faster rendering times, it all adds up to minutes, hours and days saved in the visual creation process.


There’s no doubt that the ability to create product visuals will remain with us far into the future, both to present what we’re capable of and introduce products to client and customer. Where rendering has been too much of a learning process in the past or images have taken too long to render, KeyShot has provided designers and engineers with the solution to, not just be part of the visualization development, but to deliver product renderings faster and create portfolio pieces that amaze.

A big part of learning software is just using it

See the Behance profile of Magnus Skogsfjord to see how he uses NX and KeyShot for Industrial Design concept development. Learn more about KeyShot here.