If you’re a student doing digital arts, the pressure’s on! Learning the skills of your trade is only the start: you need to find inspiration, get your work out there, build an audience and make an impact when you present your work to future employers or clients. Oh, and have a little fun while you’re at it, preferably. We’ll help you do all that, with our free to use online 3D publishing and sharing community.

What is Sketchfab?

Sketchfab is the leading publishing platform for 3D designs: our awesome community published close to a million 3D models (both still and animated) and our 3D viewer can be embedded anywhere online. We are natively integrated in Facebook, Linkedin, Behance, WordPress and Artstation.

Once your work is on Sketchfab, people can explore it the way it was intended: not as screenshots or renders but in gorgeous interactive 3D (and even in VR!).

Our service is free, but we support students and their teachers with a free Sketchfab PRO subscription. With Sketchfab PRO you can upload larger models, make them private, use more annotations and much more. Claim your free account here.

You need to build an audience and make an impact when you present your work

Blacksmith by Bram Nicaise on Sketchfab

Getting your work out there

Now publishing your work is one thing, but you also need to get it ‘out there’. It’s all about social media and community these days. To get your work noticed you need to connect to as many people as you can.

This includes our own community of over 400,000 artists, but also countless others that fully support Sketchfab like Facebook, ArtStation, Behance, LinkedIn, DeviantArt and many more. Sharing your work there is as easy as dropping a link, and building a gorgeous interactive portfolio has never been this easy.

We’ll even promote your work where we can: through our daily staff picks, promotion with AAA studios (like Blizzard, see below!) and regular features on partner sites like CG Channel, IA Mag, 3D-Total, 3D-Station and BlenderNation.

Honing your skills

We’ll also help you hone your skills. Be inspired by the amazing work in our galleries, learn from our library of CG tutorials and get feedback on your work in our Work in Progress forums. Our community is super helpful and friendly and will boost your skills.

Need more? We sponsor artists from leading (game) studios to share their techniques with our users and answer their questions during an Artist Residency. You’ll see how they approach their projects and will answer any questions you have!


Come join us on this journey to become a better artist, connect with the best, and build your audience! Let’s get started and visit our education page to claim your free account.