How to make an award winning short film like Ors Barczy

How to make an award winning short film like Ors Barczy

I am Örs Bárczy from Hungary, a creator of an award winning short who just received my BA in Animation from Budapest’s Metropolitan University of Applied Sciences. I am pursuing my MA Degree at NCCA – Bournemouth University, in Computer Animation MA course, specializing on Lighting/Comp and Look Development. During the summer I am going to finish the course with a short movie, focusing on the mentioned parts of the production.

I decided to participate the Rookies competition because I believe that’s a great opportunity to see other student’s works and also give an opportunity to my portfolio to be seen. It’s not just about the competition; I think it’s something more, to get discovered by other artists, studios or filmmakers around the world.

**Hey, Deer!**is my graduation short about a cute deer who suffers earthquakes every night. This massive project is 6 minutes long and tells this narrative story with a happy ending. At the moment, the whole movie is screening on a lot of film festivals around the world from Toronto through Manchester to Tokyo. It is a great pleasure to the team that the movie has a continuous success among the film festivals. Due to the festival screenings, I can show the trailer but unfortunately not more of the story.

A talented team helped me to produce this short film; I was responsible for Writing/Directing, LookDev, Grooming, Shading/Lighting/Rendering/Comp and some Animation. I particularly enjoyed figuring out the pipeline and to tackle all the problems during the production and managing a huge team.

I particularly enjoyed to figure out the pipeline, try to tackle all the problems during the production and managing a huge team. In the following videos, you going to get an insight into the Animation, Lighting, and the Simulation so eventually the whole developing and creating process.

About the technical things! We used Arnold for Rendering and Lighting, for the fur I used Yeti and the whole stuff was rendered to deep EXR, which was a great benefit during the compositing parts, especially when I had to work with fur and rendered motion blur. The simulation was done in 3Ds Max and obviously Alembic cache everything. The whole movie took about ten months to produce and around ten people worked on it.

The first video is about the look development and lighting rendering part of the movie.

The second video gives an insight to the animation part of the movie.

The last video shows how the stylized snow simulation was done.

About the future… I can’t wait to upload the movie online so make it available for everyone. However, it seems that it’s very popular on the film festivals, and I receive a lot of invitations from amazing film festivals around the world. Thus, I hope the end of this year or maybe in the next year I can share it with everyone.

Until then, visit some festivals and watch Hey Deer! With other amazing movies from all over the world. The last picture shows “some” selections and awards, also please visit: if you find it interesting.