How Pixnub Can Help You Become a Professional Photographer

How Pixnub Can Help You Become a Professional Photographer

Pixnub Software develops Photoshop plugins for professional photographers. Pixnub is the creator of the very popular EZ Green Screen plugin. EZ Green Screen is used by thousands of photographers all over the world.

In addition to EZ Green Screen, Pixnub has many more plugins that offer a variety of effects and automation. Here is the complete lineup of plugins by Pixnub:

EZ Green Screen: This is the world’s most popular green screen plugin for Photoshop! EZ Green Screen stands alone as the only plugin that creates a non-destructive layer set for the extracted image. This gives the user ultimate flexibility for any post extraction touch up work inside Photoshop.

Chroma Key Lab: Combine EZ Green Screen with Chroma Key Lab to automate your entire green screen processing. It can be set up to create the composite images and automate the foreground sizing and placement.  Also, it can automatically replace text in layers using a CSV file. Chroma Key Lab is used by several large labs that do high volume green screen work. It’s also very popular with youth sports photographers who shoot on green screen.

**Hot Folder:** Use this plugin to automate any Photoshop work flow! It has 2 modes. First, it can be used to batch process images that are already inside a designated folder.  Second, it can batch process new images that show up into a designated “hot folder”.

The hot folder processing mode is mainly used for on-location processing with a tethered camera set up. Hot Folder can be set up to run up to 12 Photoshop actions per image (and save up to 12 copies). The user can easily automate any work flow they can dream up.

Clarify: Add clarity and sharpness to your images with ultimate control.  This plugin creates a similar effect as the clarity setting in camera raw.  However, Clarify gives you control over the radius of the effect. It also has settings to adjust the clarity strength applied to the highlights and shadows independently.

Additionally, it gives you 3 different radius targets so you can add both clarity and sharpness at the same time.  You can also add contrast sharpening which is a cross between clarity and sharpening.

Glamour Glow: Create glamour lighting and color effect as well as smooth out skin.

Backdrop Creator: Easily create digital backgrounds and complex textures.

Vintage Lab:  Created vintage black and white conversions and add image toning, including split toning.

Photo Sketch: Convert photos into black and white or color sketches.

Lomography: Create the wild look of lomography and cross processing.

Chameleon: Easily alter or enhance skin tones and also create a skin mask.

Image Balancer: Shift color temperature and optimize lighting.

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