How To Use Digital Art To Enhance Your Photography

How To Use Digital Art To Enhance Your Photography

****If I had to describe briefly my passion for photography, I’d discard the word passion because what I really feel about this art, is admiration. The condition that makes photography so unique is its ability to communicate. I am not talking about communicating facts, events, any of that; the kind of communication I’ve discovered seven years ago was the message of emotion, sensation and feeling.

How to use digital art to enhance your project

The magic of being able to transmit to people something that they do not feel and make them participate in an extra-sensory event is a powerful magic. I think it is the fundamental pillar of my inspiration when creating stories around a simple image. 


A video transmits even more of the emotion or feeling that I like to bring to the world

But I think the most special thing about all this, is that the emotion that I seek to communicate is not the one that appears in the photograph, but what I am feeling at the moment. I came to my project concept with the help of Ansel Adams who defined as a good photographer the one who fully express what is felt, in the deepest sense and not what is being photographed.

For this project I combined music and videography, leading to a result full of harmony. I remember that when my mother saw some of these videos for the first time she called them “chewing-gum videos” as you could see them over and over again without losing the sweet taste that bristles the skin.

In this way, I realised that a video transmits even more of the emotion or feeling that I like to bring to the world, which sometimes would be impossible to describe in words, that despite the difficulties love will always remain.

The technical keys of my project

At a technical level I could describe the key points of my project as:

  • Good post-production that contributes to an environment more in line with the photography
  • Contrast
  • Exposure
  • Tonality; depending on the feeling I use particular tones that help me to express myself more.

A key trick to adding music to your work is to fit the melodies’ times with the scene changes or camera movements.

The Rookies’ journey

Without realising it I forgot to officially introduce myself, although you already know that I am an emotional romantic and fanatic of the energies. But I think it is important to create a bond beyond the cordial presentations to empathise and better understand the work of an artist.

My name is Karina, I was born in Kazakhstan and lived in Russia for a few years and now I’m living and studying in Alcoy, a small and charming city located in the East of Spain. In my 2nd year of Engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development, I can say firmly that I am very proud to study in one of the most renowned campuses in the world -EPSA (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia). I’m happy to dedicate myself to a work that I am truly passionate about, which is design, in all its possible fields.

Karina-Santamaria-pavlova4Soldiersfrom the time of the conquest of the Iberian peninsula. Navarros Army. Traditional festival in Alcoy.

I came to The Rookies thanks to my Artistic Expression teacher who always informs us about the latest competitions related to our career. When I saw the basis of this project, The Rookies, I loved the idea of being able to expose all my work and that people from my same or nearby areas could value it. I did not register with any expectations and simply the fact of participating covered all of them: the only purpose was to launch my project to the world in a new way, just as I do in social networks or in my University.

I think that this opportunity is highly recommendable to all artist who feels limited by any kind of factor to be able to say who they are, open their wings and fly away.

This is our moment and we must take advantage of any opportunity that fate gives us.

I feel really grateful for being part of this great adventure shared with people full of creativity that inspires me with every project added to the pages of The Rookies.