How To Take The Most Beautiful Nature Photography

How To Take The Most Beautiful Nature Photography

Photography and design are things I’ve done for a few years now, it’s a lot of fun! It’s always interesting the places I visit and trying to get that epic shot while balancing your tripod on three slippery stones.

It’s getting back home and setting up the laptop by the fire and blending it together, Merging them “Sweet Panoramas!” And every now and then, MAGIC MAN! So, That’s why I do it. It’s simply a whole lot of bloody fun the entire time. Actually, It seems kind of funny that I’ve been asked to write about it. Imagine if I could somehow blog review Sushi for free… Anyway.

These photos are the opposites of what I do when Photographing. I wander around the area and view it from every angle.

Not much is considered to capture photographs. Walk around and bam!! Snapped done. A few settings and things yea but seriously very easy. When you go by the book, you’ll see a lot of photos with no connection. They’ve wandered by and caught a happy snap. These photos are the opposites of what I do when photographing. I wander around the area and view it from every angle. 

Identify what makes it beautiful and where is best to stand to see the most beautiful things. Then I will position the elements where the eye is attracted to (rule of thirds). Then, I consider the colouring, size and hierarchy of everything else in the scene. When you photograph with lots of other interests in the image the audience will feel the need to de-clutter and clean up. My Imaging captures one or two aspects of the scene in a peaceful documentary manner.

A Brief How-To:

1. Get in your car or buy one.

2. Pack the Camping Gear

3. DON’T forget batteries for all your camera gear. (I always forget)

4. Drive to a beautiful Nature Location.

5. Stand, scouting the location for too long while the last few moments of sunset peel away.

6. Locate one or two focus points of the location that best capture it 

7. Live-view

8 Walk around with your feet and find the perfect balance of organisation, simply one or two focus points, and then capture the light! Better get your settings correct! (I never do).

10. Go home, Find the magic in Photoshop then turn it up to 11… #Instagram

Join me for a walk through of some photos and what I thought of while being there. Every time, you want to consider hierarchy. What’s the biggest part and what’s the smallest part ? Its almost always one or two things. Never Three.

**Frog Picture. **

Nature Photography

You find a Froggy, Look and admire Froggy, So cute and beautiful. Wow, look how green he is, in the sunshine. Resting peacefully with no worries. He’s chilling in a frog version of a hammock. Kickin’ back and thinking about stuff. Just having an absolute ripper of a time!

A lot suddenly changed when I considered what the frog may have been thinking about. In the middle of my front yard, in the sun in this tree, relaxing. Out of everywhere. My front yard.

I imagined the frog living a life just like mine. With family and friends, food, parties, camping, love. How do we know he doesn’t think the same way?

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The wind broke my focus and I realised I needed to adjust settings, the wind howled and I captured it. A short depth of field to create a visual difference in blurs between the leaves. A patch of yellow located alone in the left-hand top corner warmly lighting up Froggy. An Australian Green Tree Frog in a bloody Tree lit up by the Australian Yellow Sun.That’s why he is nowhere else. Who in their right mind could think that life could be better?

I knew I had captured something thoughtful, a mental connection between me and the frog. He showed me what his life is like. He showed me by being in the tree that his life is the best I think mine could be, and what he does is in fact what I want to do with my life. Simply Relax.

When I realised we had same desires in life, I knew this photo was capturing that moment of transfer. That connection. To make it easier to see the connection. Imagine every little leaf has individual thoughts. Some fast, some slow, some dark some happy. Some green, some yellow.

Look into his eyes, you’ll feel it too.

Singled out rock Picture.

Nature Photography

“You have arrived at your destination,” says Siri…Scout around. Go left, right, back forth. Live view. Find one or two aspects and frame them up neatly. This Rock stood strong down rocky flooring. The rock was out so much further than the other rocks that I captured my eye and settled the decision for single aspect exclusion method. He had survived despite being alone. Out in the cold, out in the weather.

We broke out in laughter because we had no idea it looked so freaking beautiful!!!

A centred approached heightens this and out of focus rocks lead the eye inwards to back the centred section up visually. Capture. Bam! When I reviewed the image, I captured how I felt. The ISO settings allow for a well-exposed scene despite it being pitch black. A rock lit softly, reminded me of how some people see things they love in life – keeping it away from the damaging waves. 

It’s an image of Perseverance.

Vertical  Mountain with Lake Reflection Picture.

Seriously, this photo story is just more funny than informative. Pitch black couldn’t see a thing walking though a forest at midnight. We found a little look out. No idea what was there we got our cameras set up. Opened the shutter up to 30s, ISO up nice and high (not too high) Bam!

We broke out in laughter because we had no idea it looked so freaking beautiful!!! We scrambled again to capture another like it was our last second and fired off a few more.

When the rush cooled off, we sat back on the grass and admired the beautiful scene on the back of the camera. A mirrored mountain on a dead still pond. No movement, no nothing. Vacant. Room to think. Room to feel at peace. The mountain was so relaxed, asleep Standing strong in the distance. Sleeping away the big jobs of his/her day.

Waterfall rainforest Picture

Nature Photography

When my images take on a full documentative manner. They incorporate two aspects which dictate your eyes’ direction. And, lead in lines create movement. Your eye will start right where I started, across the little concrete bridge. Water washing past below. I walked across the bridge and explored the waterfall.

Looking back at the scene entirely. I could see a trick to make your eyes do what I did. In turn making, you experience it just like me. Then just like my eye did when I turned around it started at the right-hand side across the bridge then around up to the falls. It’s a journey visually that repeats itself over and over as time ticks away. Hearing the water play down stream, you would be happy never to move again.

3 Image panorama, 50mm, Canon Cameras

Vertical shot with Mountain across lake and trees in the foreground Picture.

Hierarchy is my final photo consideration. What better photo to explain it then this view out in the alpines of New Zealand. Beautiful New Zealand. The vertically shot shows horizontal lines ascending in size to visually measure from smaller too large. This reflects by exposing the entire scene just how amazing the things you can find on the ground in New Zealand. And everything is just as beautiful all that all way up to the clouds. Everything is so unique and intricate. Impossibly interesting.

Explore Nature, Think about the subject feelings, Get settings right; arrange neatly that which has a decluttered feel of one or two aspects; have a visual story of where the eye will follow. Take the eye on a journey. And capture the connection, The timeless connection between Man, Woman and Nature.

Thanks to The Rookies for giving me the chance to show people my work. Art is a lovely thing and should be seen by everyone. Also, huge thanks to Billy Blue College of Design for complimenting my creative mind with their world class courses. See you out there!