Drawing characters has always been a passion for me. It started as a child, where I would scribble outcast member upon cast member of my own stories. I was forever trying to mimic concept art I found online from games such as Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, and my favourite childhood game - Kingdom Hearts.

I was always drawing.  Constantly striving to make my picture look like the reference image, or creating new characters of my own.

Whilst the quality of that work may have been child-like, nobody questioned my passion and determination to put my ideas down on paper.

Little did I know that all that time dreaming and sketching was laying the foundation for the career I am now trying to build.

Breakdown of artists process.
Character from Anthony Robinson's on going project

To this day, characters are the most enjoyable subject matter for me to design.

Through my studies, I have been encouraged to venture beyond the single view, and explore the characters further, whether that be a turn-around to explain the form of the character, or a movement sheet to give an understanding of motion.

This is always lead by the brief and the nature of the format in which it will appear.

The Solus - Turnaround orthographic of an original character design 

From studying and further refining my drawing abilities, I have developed my own approach to the design process.  

This approach allows me to comfortably explore a concept and take the drawing to a level that I feel successfully conveys my idea. It also provides me with a solid understanding of how long it will take me to complete.  

Once I have a design concept that has been refined and approved, I have a thorough understanding of all aspects of the character.

From there I can work with more ease to create illustrations, character sheets, or animations. The same character design process is also useful in creating an illustration.

Illustration Breakdown - From thumbnail to final

With my passion and drive to better myself as an artist, along with my formal education at what I consider to be one of the best art schools in the world (CDW Studios / Flinders University) I have every confidence that I will continue to improve expressing my ideas in a visual manner.  

I am currently blending all of the knowledge together and preparing a project that I hope to showcase during the 2019 Rookie Awards. I look forward to sharing my ideas with you all.

Hierarchy of an Elven Empire