Go from absolute beginner to complete Game Artist.

With over 50 hours of expert quality video tutorials, a huge array of supplied resources and concept art + much more, this is the course for you.

Learn to make a full Game Art project, from start to finish - no more learning from scattered, unfinished tutorials. We provide everything you need to become a complete Game Artist. Join today to begin your journey!


You will have full open access to our extensive course library. Never be stuck again with our helpful quick videos to keep you going. The course will tackle the full pipeline and focus on the following areas:


Bring a range of interesting dynamic and complex models to life - from Weapons and Environments, to Creatures and Characters. We will help you master a full toolkit of helpful tools and shortcuts, to produce stunning models and get the most from your effort.


Take your models to the max with high resolution sculpting techniques to really polish the fine details in your models. Sculpting is a dynamic and fun way to digitally shape your models like clay, really pushing your modelling skills to the next level.

UV Layout

This is essential for texturing, but let’s be honest it’s not the most interesting process. But don’t worry! We explain UV layout in the most crystal clear and easy to follow way that you’ll never have trouble with UVs again.


Push your objects to the limit with Substance Painter’s powerful Physically Based Shader setup. Create instant, real-world materials at the push of a button, blend them across your model to produce stunning works of art, in no time at all.


We take the pain out of rigging with our easy to follow tutorials on bringing props, creatures, characters and facial expressions to life. Follow a variety of methods to choose which suits your assets, to not just do rigging, but truly understand it.


We explain Animation from the ground up. From simple animation techniques to complex run cycles - nothings more satisfying than finally seeing your work brought to life.

Game Engines

We show simple and error-free exporting methods for a variety of gameengines, Sketchfab, and for use in your personal production. Share with your friends, family and the amazing 3D community.

Professional Software

The course uses professional software and we make sure you have access to it all. There truly is no need to learn inferior applications when you can jump right in and get started with Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox, Substance Painter and SketchFab.


Beyond our core tutorials, have access to a world of quick tips to not only create our assets, but also create your dream work with no troubles. Use expert techniques, provided scripts and assets, and shortcuts from our years on productions to speed up your workflow and get ahead of the rest.

Have your own art or game ideas? We’ve got you covered!

We’ve designed this course, not just to learn 3d art and animation, but to use it to bring your own designs to life with no pain or time wasted. Throughout the course our videos discuss bringing the provided concept to life, but also alternate methods and workflows to build your skills upwards and outwards.

Cover the full range of the 3D realm to build your ideas, and create that amazing folio to become a full 3D Game Artist.


I was skeptical of the game art course at first. Can I really learn everything from this one course? Boy was I wrong, this course has everything I need and more. From using the latest up to date software, modeling, texturing, animation and publishing to having a nice layout of the videos and having prompt support from the guy who created the course. I like the challenge of when he teaches you something from scratch on a model. Then in the next couple videos he doesn't start from scratch but explains to you what he did so you can try to do it yourself. Also each series of videos he provides the models if you are having a hard time trying to replicate, which I think is awesome. This course is definitely worth the money and I am looking forward to see what else is in store.
Henri, Philadelphia, US

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