Everyone know what Photoshop is these days. It has become an integral part of our culture. Some people even know what Illustrator, Premiere and After Effects are too, but it's no where near as common. But do you think there is anyone out there that can list all 50+ Adobe apps?

Youtuber Humtog couldn't find an introduction video to the entire Adobe Creative Suite, so he decided to make one himself. The video is not only informative, it really does show how integral Adobe is for creative media artists these days. With there recent push into 3D, it's no doubt this suite will continue to grow. As one Reddit user writes, "This is a better explanation than I've ever heard and I've used many of these tools in some professional capacity for almost 20 years. Phenomenal video!"

Humtog says the video took over a year to make, and he "stopped making it mid-way due to how time-consuming it got". Thankfully, his hard work seems to be paying off. Definitely check it out and go subscribe to his channel.