To keep everyones brain ticking over in these crazy times, we have pulled together 5 highly discounted online short courses from our partners at Artist Block. Perfect for beginners, we have courses to help you with Nuke, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Photoshop, Lightroom, Python Scripting and more.

The Adobe After Effects & Nuke VFX Production Bundle

Master Visual Effects for Movies & Screen Editing from an Actual Hollywood VFX Artist in This 4-Course Bundle.

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Compositing for Live-Action Films in Post-Production Visual Effects Using Adobe After Effects
  • Say Goodbye to Buzzing Edges & the Frustration of Trying to Mask Out a Character from a Shot
  • Move Beyond the Computer Screen to Working on Studio Lots & Experience the Best of Both Worlds
  • Learn 2D Composting for Live-Action Films & Use the Tools that the 80% of the Pros Use in the Visual Effects Industry
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The Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop for Beginner-Designers Bundle

Become a Lightroom & Photoshop Master in Just 27 Hours with These Courses Led by Marcin Mikus, an Online Educator with Over 250k Students & a 4.3 Rating!

  • Learn the Intricacies of the Curve Adjustment Layer
  • Take a Beginner-Friendly Look at Editing Professional Images with Photoshop
  • Master Adjustment Layers, Color Grading & More Using LUTs
  • Master Three of Adobe Photoshop's Most Essential Features in Two Hours
  • Edit Images to Impress! Learn Lightroom Classic CC by Doing Real-Time Work
  • Learn to Make Your Images Better by Creating Outstanding Color Profiles
  • Be Better at Photoshop by Mastering Basic to Advanced Selection & Mask Tools
  • Retouch Photos Like a Professional by Learning Imagery Post Production, Professional Color Grading Techniques & Contrast Mastery
  • Edit Images Seamlessly, Quickly & to Absolute Perfection
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The Professional Adobe Photoshop Retouching Certification Bundle

Create Stunning Portraits & Beauty Shots with 19 Hours of Instruction on Retouching Techniques, Tools, and Styles Using Photoshop.

  • Retouching Solutions for the Skin, Lips, Makeup, Stretch Marks, Underarms, Clothes, Hair & Much More
  • Learn One of the Most Common Beauty Magazine Retouching Techniques
  • Retouch Portraits Like a Pro & Create Breathtaking Beauty Images that Stand Out from the Crowd
  • Make Your Amazing Portrait Photos Even Better with Professional Retouching Techniques
  • Master the Art of Retouching Images for Beauty & Fashion Using Photoshop
  • Master Commercial Lifestyle & Bikini Photo Retouching in Photoshop with Real Examples
  • All the Tools, Tasks, & Techniques for Hair Retouching
  • Add More Drama to Your Photos & Create a Breathtaking B/W Portfolio
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The Complete Final Cut Pro X Course - Beginner to Intermediate

Become an Editing Wizard & Create Stunning Videos with Training from this Top-Rated Professor on Keyframe Animation, Color Correction, Color Grading, Transition, and More.

Final Cut Pro X is a revolutionary app for creating, editing, and producing the highest-quality videos for reports, presentations, film-making, and more. But great things don’t always come easy. Do they?

In this course, you will not only learn the full ins and outs of this video editing software but also by the end of it, you will have advance knowledge on keyframe animation, color correction & grading, speed manipulation & ramping, transitions, advance use of effects, and also how to export videos for specific platforms such as YouTube, Instagram & Twitter. This course will start off with the very basics while you work your way through to the most advance of video editing tactics available to you within Final Cut Pro X!

  • Access 38 lectures & 4 hours of content 24/7
  • Be able to edit videos like a professional from scratch
  • Know the difference between color correction & color grading and be able to do both
  • Create speed ramps & speed ramp transitions
  • Have advanced knowledge of the video effects within Final Cut Pro X
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The Absolute Python Programming Certification Bundle

Perfect for Beginners! 5 Hours Is All It Takes to Learn the Essentials in This Python Primer.

  • Familiarize Yourself with One of the Best Languages for Programming Newcomers
  • Enhance Your Data Analysis Skills Using NumPy, Pandas, & Matplotlib
  • Go from Complete Beginner to a Python Language Expert
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