I stumbled across this great Houdini series while endlessly scrolling through Reddit yesterday. The series is called Houdini Isn't Scary Series and it's created by Emsyd. There are 10 videos in the series, each one taking the time to step you through the fundamentals and core features of this incredible software package. This is what Emsyd has to say about it:

So, some time last year I realized that Houdini is probably the scariest software I had ever encountered. When I first began, I struggled a lot. I watched all the content that I could and, yet, I lacked the fundamental, core understandings of the software. For that reason, I decided to make Houdini less intimidating by creating a tutorial series on YouTube called 'Houdini Isn't Scary' that would allow people to get to the point where they could start using all the great content that people like Entagma, Matt Estela, Rohan Dalvi and others have created.

Check out the whole series here and make sure to follow the Youtube Channel.

Houdini Isn't Scary Series

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