Cinema 4D gives you a quick and easy start in the world of 3D graphics and animation with the same tools that professional artists at major production studios use. The legendary ease of use makes it easy to get started and lets you concentrate on what’s most important – your creativity.

Cinema 4D is the 3D software of choice for designers, motion graphics artists, architects and engineers who create stunning animated shorts, architectural visualizations, product designs and so much more. To find out what’s possible in Cinema 4D, check out the award winning short film “Shine” created by students using Cinema 4D.

The free Cinema 4D educational license is the perfect choice for every student on the road to becoming a 3D professional! To get you started quickly, Maxon is offering many free tutorials on that give you a comprehensive overview over Cinema 4D!

Get your free educational license now!

Visit this link to apply for your free Cinema 4D educational license in three easy steps. All you need is a proof of enrollment (student ID, enrollment certificate, class schedule).

Maxon is looking forward to seeing your artwork at The Rookies!

Image courtesy of ©CORNELIUS DÄMMRICH

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