Whether you’re a new grad or growing your career as a 3D artist, finding your feet in world of 3D can get overwhelming - and we want to help. We’ve created a new hub featuring our freshest learning resources to keep your skills sharp and you on track toward your dream gig in 3D.

Here’s a preview of the awesome finds in AREA’s resource hub, Your Career in 3D.

Kickstart your career or business

You’ve just survived your last year of 3D school – good job! If that wasn’t difficult enough, now it’s time to get a return of investment. But where do you start? First off, let’s take a deep breath. Secondly, read through these articles from industry vets about everything from building your portfolio to being productive while working from home.

Freshen up your skills

Because the industry is constantly changing, 3D artists have to stay on top of their game. We’ve got the basics covered in our Intro to Maya courses and Intro to 3ds Max course, where you can upgrade your skills or learn something totally new with industry-specific workflows, created by industry experts and instructors.

Get Connected

Ever find yourself thinking, surely someone else must know how to do this? Find your peers by joining the 3ds Max and Maya channels on Discord. We also host regular webinars, workshops, and virtual meetups to keep you in the loop on what’s new with 3ds Max and Maya and the community.

So… ready to launch your career in 3D? Head over to AREA to get started.

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