Studying at U-tad | University of Technology, Arts and Design

Studying at U-tad | University of Technology, Arts and Design

Minerva Rodriguez Garrido, a 3D Artist and Interactive Environment Developer, offers valuable insights into her studies at U-tad | University of Technology, Arts, and Design.

Meet Minerva Rodriguez Garrido, a 3D Artist and Interactive Environment Developer, recently graduated as a 3D generalist. In this article Minerva shares valuable insight into studying at U-tad | University of Technology, Arts and Design.

Can you introduce your school to us and share what makes it special from your perspective?

My school is U-tad | University of Technology, Arts and Design, located in Madrid, Spain. U-tad is a technology and digital art University in which you can find several degrees, masters and studies about entertainment and interactive environments such as videogames, movies, applications, etc.

To me U-tad is special in many aspects. The first one is the professors/teachers and professionals. They are very approachable and also “ natural”, meaning, they  are not only educators but also industry professionals and partners who help and explain things to you, and sometimes they even learn new things with you. If you want to extend your learning further, although they may not be specialised in that specific thing, they search and discover new ways of approaching the topic alongside you. Most of them remain active in the industry while teaching, and are very  pleasant and trustworthy.

Another reason the school is special, is the free master classes, talks, and events that the University  organises to promote knowledge, assist those who want to specialise in specific areas, and teach new things that only experienced individuals can impart. They make a great effort to bring renowned professionals to the University so that students can learn from  them.

The atmosphere at U-Tad is very welcoming, people want to get to know  each other and extend warm welcomes to newcomers, as well as make many friends,  classmates, and connections.

What made you choose this school, and has it lived up to your expectations?

I discovered this school while I was studying high school, and their projects captivated  me. You can even look up for movies, video games, or works that have been created at  the University or in collaboration with the University. In my opinion, it maintains a high standards of education, whilst also being a very cool atmosphere. It has met my expectations, and taking my degree  here has been a wonderful experience. I have fond memories and valuable projects from  this time, which is why I decided to enrol in the master's program at U-tad.

How do students and teachers interact at the school, and is there a supportive  mentorship dynamic?

In my case, the greatest takeaway from my studies, is the teaching staff.

The Professors at U-tad take your  future, your attitude, and your overall persona very seriously. They are not only technically proficient teachers but also compassionate people.

The Professors at U-tad have a wealth of knowledge that they  love to share, along with a lot of anecdotes from their extensive experience. Whatever your doubt may be, they will do everything in their power to resolve it and always encourage you to strive for more. With them, it's not just a serious and dull study dynamic, there are also moments of laughter and good times, always focused on your  performance. None of them will let you down if you need their assistance.

What have you found most valuable about your learning experience so far, and how has  it impacted your artistic growth?

Personally, the most valuable thing I have gained has undoubtedly been my personal and professional growth. Beyond the quantity of data and information I have learned, the most important aspect has been developing my skills, identifying my strengths, and  improving my weaknesses. It's about learning how to learn, how to harness my talent,  and how to overcome fears, accept mistakes, and tackle whatever challenges come my  way.

However, despite something that teachers and professionals try to impart, it ultimately depends on oneself. It's of little value to attend the best University or have the  best professors if you don't give your all and more. Step by step, even if you start from  the weakest base, you learn to evolve and enjoy the process. Certainly, that's something  I take away from my colleagues and professors, as well as from myself.

Can you describe any collaborative projects or experiences that have enhanced your  artistic skills and fostered teamwork?

With my classmates, we created a video game from scratch as a group. We had to overcome many obstacles, not only technical or work-related but also social ones when  it came to understanding each other, organising ourselves, and ensuring that no one felt  uncomfortable within the team.

When you work in a group, sometimes more personal issues arise than technical ones, and those can be the most challenging to address.  That's why completing this project taught us a lot about what it means to work as a team on a large, very challenging project with tight deadlines.

Nevertheless, my classroom experience has been highly collaborative overall. It didn't matter if the work was not group-based; the entire class operated as a team, and we supported each other. Sometimes, this depends on the individuals and the number of  students, but in my case, it has been wonderful.

Have you had the opportunity to work with industry professionals or participate in real world projects during your time at the school?

At the end of my studies, we were provided with a period of Internship in a Studio. The company you end up with always depends on  your performance/work. I was fortunate to work at a small video game studio that was just starting out, at an amazing film production company, and on a small international  project alongside professionals who also worked at U-tad.

A Familiar Face, Personal Project by Minerva.

How does the U-tad promote diversity and inclusivity within its student community,  and how has this enriched your educational experience?

U-tad promotes diversity in various aspects. To begin with, it offers the majority of its  programs in both Spanish and English, attracting individuals from different cultures and  countries. The University also embraces diversity in terms of the LGBTQ+ community  and welcomes individuals on the autism spectrum or with, among others. It's not at all uncommon to encounter people with entirely different personal worlds, and that's something I've greatly enjoyed - it has allowed me to learn from them and expand my own inner world. It has also taught me not only to respect others but also to offer assistance when needed, and to seek help when I require it.

What are your future goals, and how do you feel your school has prepared you for them?

My goals have evolved significantly throughout my career; they have continued to expand. Currently, my primary goal is to work abroad, on large-scale projects and within companies where I can not only acquire knowledge but also enhance my creativity. I aim  for experiences that will allow me to play a significant role in expressing art and great ideas in the best possible way.

U-tad has prepared me for the professional sector, teaching me how to create my portfolio, improve my online presence and work, and make informed choices about my creative future.

Minerva Rodriguez Garrido is a 3D Artist and Interactive Environment Developer, recently graduated from U-tad  as a 3D generalist. Minvera specialises in 3D modeling and loves creating and composing 3D work from initial idea to the finishing touches. You can reach out to her via her Rookies profile here.