Humans of CG - Episode 1

Humans of CG - Episode 1

Today we are sharing the stories of Edwin Martínez Castillo, Sheila Decloedt, Harpreet Kundi and Juuso Voutilainen.

You’ve no doubt heard about Humans of New York. Well, we are Humans of CG - #HOCG - and we want to hear about the moment you realised you wanted to work in the creative media and entertainment industry.

Edwin Martínez Castillo

One day over my city (Mexico City) there was some kind of Expo Called "Es Tu Dia Canada. Where they where offering internship to learn somewhere in Canada, but my dreams where crushed cuz I don't have the facilities to study aboard. So after passing for some kind of depression I get lost into the streets of Mexico City and I was  riding my bike over the district of Roma and I saw a super cool house where I was feeling kind of attracted to get inside (It looks like a photo exhibition from the outside) when I get this place I saw it was an animation school in Mexico so I feel like this career was made for me and since that day I love this accidental trip I took.
right now I'm a freelance artist and collaborating over the teaser For the film "The Rustle of the Leaves"

Sheila Decloedt

Before I started anything in this industry, I was studying beauty care in high school (We still had major subjects like chemistry, Dutch, math...). I hated it. It was so repetitive, so boring. I also felt like I didn't fit in, there only were girls in this class. Those girls were really loud and liked to gossip. Because of that, the first two years of high school, I felt like I couldn't be myself. Then I graduated from high school, and I didn't know what to do. I knew I wanted to study something different next years, but I didn't know what. I wanted more than just doing this beauty thing for the rest of my life. From a young age I liked drawing, painting, being creative and I also liked doing stuff with computers, so I started searching and I found Devine. It’s graphic design & development combined. Here I found my passion again, I started this whole new path and I finally learned something I never had done.

Harpreet Kundi

Hi, when i was kid i love Iron Man i want to make one of my own so i show the movie to my elders and they said this is Robotics and mechanical  thing then i want to become an robotic engineer in my country people don't know much about animation and all so when i grow up i get to know that this Iron man is a CG character not any mechanical creation and then i turn myself in 3D i am a student of 3D from last 3 years well in my country mostly people choose the carrier of doctor engineer and other but no one choose and respect Artists i want to show them all what an Artist can do and we are no less than any Doctor or army officer Thanks..

Juuso Voutilainen

First I thought that I would not write anything to "Humans of CG", because quite frankly I have no grand tale tell of hard work and success. I feel that these things always feature stories that starts out from difficulties, and progress from there to eventual success, seeming that hard work would always pay off in the end. I guess there needs to be stories as well which end up in failure to balance things a bit. I spent ten years building up a some sort of skill set across the many disciplines of CGI, and year or two ago I began to test my mettle in job applications, and this path had been set with rejections. Now I am in the point where I need to consider that did I waste 10 years of my life, since it seems that I will never be good enough. Anyhow, there's in the Rookies alone some great artists, amazing artists and I wish the best of luck to them in the path towards achieving their goals. And I possibly might be there as well, if I ever manage to rekindle the spark.

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