You’ve no doubt heard about Humans of New York. Well, we are Humans of CG - #HOCG - and we want to hear your story about the moment you realised you wanted to work in the creative media and entertainment industry.

Samantha Makin

I've been working in the design industry for 5 years, and am currently studying at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia. My beginning in the industry, the 'lightbulb moment' as it were, happened when I was volunteering with a carer support agency in my hometown. All of their brochures, invites, event posters -- they were so ugly and confusing. I started extending my volunteering to re-designing their event invites, eventually doing a full brand reboot, including logo, colours, standard fonts -- the lot. I caught the bug and started researching, learning online, and doing more work for free for friends and other people and organisations in the area.

Michael Perstinger

I've always know that I wanted to be an animator. Drew a lot as a kid, parents picked up on it and sent me to private classes but didn't want it as a career for me. I joined the Canadian Armed Forces reserve to pay for school and tried a science program at college. Failed out of that. Re-enrolled in Fine arts and excelled. Finished that and enrolled in a classical animation program at University. When I finished my Bachelors there I had the opportunity to Deploy to Afghanistan with the army and took it. When I came home from that I discovered that the 2D industry in Montreal had all but disappeared. I tried to teach myself 3D but the results were frankly atrocious. Fast forward through another tour to Afghanistan and I floated around for a year, not knowing what to do. Finally decided, at the age of 34 to go back to College in a 3D animation program at Dawson College. Last summer I finished up that and was hired as a junior animator by Compulsion games. I couldn't be happier!

Christoffer Eriksson

I struggled a lot in school. Didn't really have a full time job, only those short term physical boring jobs that breaks your body down. After a while I had enough and started planning what I could do that would make me happy. These thoughts led me back to my childhood. I have always loved drawing things. Every workday I would plan what to do with myself. Some time after I noticed that I liked creating something out of nothing. This led me to my passion for architecture. An idea that could become reality and really help a lot of people in the process, as well as fulfilling my needs of creativity. I had to start studying again so I could get into university. After a lot of hard work I got accepted to building technology with specialization in architecture program in Linnéuniv. I haven't stop working hard since I got accepted and is now only two month away from graduating.

Abby Nath

I have always enjoyed being fully immersed while watching a film. When I saw The Lord of the Rings for the first time at age seven, I was captivated! At the time, I knew nothing about visual effects, but I fell in love with Weta. I wanted to build props and sets, I also wanted to film, direct, edit- I wanted to do it all! I was never exactly set on what I wanted to specialise in, but I knew the film industry was for me. I eventually stumbled into the 3D world after hearing about the course Media Design School offered. I had never even considered VFX as an option, but decided to give it a try. I ended up loving absolutely every bit of my degree! In my final year, we were encouraged to enter The Rookies, and now I'm here at Rising Sun Pictures in Adelaide after winning the scholarship for the Graduate Certificate course! It's insanely incredible!

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