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22nd October 2020
A fully interactive CG toolset that not enough junior artists know about

16th October 2020
Career Advice - Working as an Environment Artist with Brennan Howell

12th October 2020
2020 Best Creative Media & Entertainment Art Schools in the World

30th September 2020
Set reality aside with these trending fantasy artworks

29th September 2020
Animation Challenge - Crazy in Quarantine

28th September 2020
The Subtle Art of Colour Grading

23rd September 2020
How to Create a 3D Game Character in ZBrush

17th September 2020
Star Citizen Gas Station made with Unreal Engine

10th September 2020
How to Create Photo Realistic Characters in 3D in Autodesk Maya

2nd September 2020
Substance Texturing Challenge - Eddie Robot

1st September 2020
Valuable lessons to learn about 3D Composition and Lighting

25th August 2020
Career Advice - Working as a Studio Art Director with Mike Henry

3rd June 2020
Free Webinar - Best Courses to Learn Visual Effects Online

3rd ย April 2020
Introducing Weekly Drills

4th March 2020
The Complete Adobe CC Training Bundle

4th March 2020
New Contest: Forbidden Lands, Fallen Empires and Ancient Guardians

17th February 2020
10 essential Soft Skills you need to get a job in film, games and design industries

14th February 2020
$18,769 Ultimate Creative Kit Giveaway details

14th February 2020
Download 10th Annual Rookie Awards Posters

14th January 2020
Finalists announced for Netflix & Skill - Peaky Blinders contest

17th December 2019
The Student Art Podcast - Essential weekly interview series for film and game artists.

28th November 2019
Save Over 99% on the Complete 2020 Adobe CC Certification Bundle

19th November 2019
Netflix and Skill - Peaky Blinders contest open for submissions

11th October 2019
The Rookies World School Rankingsยฎ 2019 Released

What is The Rookies?

Founded in 2010, The Rookies is a community for non-professional digital artists. A place for artists with a passion for film, games, animation, immersive media, archviz, motion graphics, product design and other creative industries.

It doesn't matter whether you are a hobbyist, student, self-taught or even wanting to change careers. All that matters is you want to become a better artist, learn new skills and be surrounded by people on the same journey as you.

"The Rookies is better than Artstation. It exposes you to the level of artist's that you're competing against."

Testimonial by Morten Jaeger - FlippedNormals

Showcase your portfolio

The Rookies provides you with a slick way to showcase your work to the world. It's more than a generic page that other sites offer, it's a way to share your creative journey, archievements and how you've improved. The custom built tools allow you to upload everything you need: images, videos, galleries, ProcessView โ„ข, Sketchfab viewer, formatted text and even GitHub repositories for your code. See Examples

"I have my portfolio on every major website and I'm left absolutely frustrated by the process. With The Rookies, the way you've made adding images, text, videos - well, it's simply brilliant! I love it!"

Testimonial by Peter Dimitrov

Grow as an artist

Everyone needs a little challenge to push their skills. Come and join one of our contests and collect badges to share on your free portfolio page. We have huge annual contests and even small monthly jams - and prizes, lots of prizes.View Contests

Track your Journey

From the moment an artist realises they have a passion for creative media, up until the moment they secure their first big job, weโ€™ve are here to help. Our community is full of creators on the same journey and we are setup and motivated to help push members to achieve your goals.

Simple steps to get started

It only takes a few minutes to signup and create a profile. From your private dashboard you can upload work, get targeted news, find people to follow and track your creative journey.

Challenge yourself to submit an entry to a contest. It doesn't matter about winning, we have prizes and incentives all the way through, no matter what skill level. We have small contests and massive contests, pick the one for you.

Our Discord Channel is full of people just like you. People pushing themselves to become better artists and sharing their progress. There are no stupid questions in here because everyone understands we are all learning.

Everyone learns at a different pace. We also know everyone is interested in different creative fields. This is why we've setup Discover - a place to learn new skills, read interviews, find schools, look for jobs and even grab a special members deal.

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